Joey Ryan Files Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Against IMPACT Wrestling, Seeking $10 Million

Joey Ryan (Joseph R. Meehan) has filed a lawsuit against IMPACT Wrestling. Ryan alleges IMPACT breached his contract when they released him in the wake of a number of allegations during the Speaking Out movement. 

According to PWInsider, the lawsuit was filed on September 15. In it, Ryan stated that he signed a contract on September 1, 2019 that was slated to run through August 31, 2021 but that contract was breached when Impact Wrestling Executive Scott D’Amore emailed him on June 22 to inform him that the company was no longer going to be booking him due to "recent allegations" and that Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC/IMPACT Wrestling would be "making a public statement to this effect shortly." 

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Ryan alleges that IMPACT breached his contract stated that Anthem Wrestling "failed to perform as guaranteed in the express language of the Contract by failing to follow and abide by the terms prescribed in Article VIII.  Term and Termination." and Anthem Wrestling "failed to perform as guaranteed by failing to adhere to the express terms prescribed in Section 8.03 (a)-(i).

(g) Wrestler commits any act with Promoter believes, in its reasonable business judgment, would damage Wrestler's or Promoter's reputation and/or that of its affiliate, licensees, or assigns or otherwise damages the value or integrity of the Programs, the Works or the Merchandise of which could subject Wrestler to criminal prosecution;

(h) Wrestler commits any act (other than in character in accordance with direction provided to Wrestler by Promoter's Creative team) which places or could place Wrestler or Promoter (or any of its affiliates) in a patently negative light; or

(i) Any instance of a violation for which Wrestler has already received a warning, reprimand or notification therof, provided, however, that in the case of a breach under paragraphs (a), (b), (f), (g),or (h), Promoter shall provide Wrestler with written notice of breach and a 5 day cure period.  If the Wrestler is unable to cure such breach after the expiration of the foregoing cure period despite the exercise of diligent efforts to cure same, then the Parties shall make good faith efforts for a period of not less than thirty (30) days to work together in good faith to resolve the matter, failing which Promoter shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement upon the expiry of such additional thirty (30) day period.  In the event of the suspension and/or termination of the Term of this Agreement (or promoter's obligations hereunder) Promoter shall have no further obligation to Wrestler hereunder (during such suspension and/or following such termination, as applicable) subject only to Promoter's obligation to pay royalties and to compensate Wrestler for services fully performers prior to the date of termination.  Promoter shall not be deemed to be in breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement unless and until Promoter shall have received written notice from Wrestler (specifying in detail the alleged breach and making specific reference to this paragraph and shall have failed to cure such alleged breach within thirty (30) days thereof." 

Ryan claims they should have informed him of the issue in writing and given him a five day period in which to resolve the issue they feel he breached.  Then, if he was unable to do so, the parties would have thirty days to attempt to work out a resolution before Impact would have had the actual right to terminate Meehan’s contract with the company. By not following that procedure, he is alleging that due to Anthem Wrestling's actions, he has suffered "substantial monetary damage to his income, as well as damage to his reputation." 

He is seeking $10 million dollars against Anthem due to damages "he has suffered, which were caused by the Defendant's actions."  He is also requesting he be "awarded reasonable attorney fees for the prosecution of this cause" and that all costs be covered by the Defendant, Anthem Wrestling. He is also asking for any other "further and general relief" the Court may rule he is entitled.   

IMPACT was served with the lawsuit on September 24 and has yet to respond. They have 30 days to do so. 

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