Joey Styles Is Intrigued To See Goldberg Return

Joey Styles has been intrigued in the story of Goldberg's return to wrestling, and is interested to see how it plays out in his main event match with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series this Sunday from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Styles discussed the return, and compared it with the Goldberg-Lesnar match at WrestleMania XX, during an interview with Wrestlezone Radio.

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“Let’s put it this way, there’s more of a want to see it than there was at WrestleMania XX,” Styles said. “I can tell you that at that time I had been out of wrestling from about 2001 to about 2005. I wasn’t watching weekly and I wasn’t watching the PPVs. I was so entrenched in work and selling advertising that I just didn’t have time to do those things. I was really intrigued because I was a Goldberg fan and I was a Brock fan. I got ahold of the WrestleMania XX DVD after the fact and, obviously, almost every fan in Madison Square Garden that night, of all cities New York, knew that it was the final WWE match for both men. Goldberg’s contract was expiring. Brock had asked for a release to go do other things. The only babyface in that match that night was the special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin. If you go back and turn the sound off and watch the match they had a pretty good match for what they were supposed to do and what it needed to be. Then when you go back and listen to it with the fans’ reaction it’s just… oof.”

When Goldberg and Lesnar first faced one another, at WrestleMania XX, the crowd turned on both wrestlers after news broke that both were leaving the promotion following the event. Goldberg's contract was up, while Lesnar decided to leave wrestling for what proved to be a failed attempt to make it in the NFL. 

He continued, “Hopefully that will not be the case on Sunday. I like the story of Goldberg coming back now that his wife and son can see him wrestle. Which was not the case before and I like that Brock doesn’t care and is more than willing to decimate anyone and would enjoy it more if their wife and son were looking on. I think it’s an intriguing story. I think everyone wants to see if Goldberg has one more fight left in him. Of course he does. He’s kept himself in phenomenal shape. He’s training a lot in MMA. I’m not saying he’s competing but MMA training is grueling.”

Styles found himself in the wrestling news after being fired from EVOLVE over the weekend, following a lewd joke he made during an in-ring interview segment.


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