John Cena On Being Frustrated With Vince McMahon: Getting Fired Is The Worst Case Scenario

John Cena has both been the apple of Vince McMahon's eye, as well as a thorn in his ass. Still the 16-time world champion doesn't get why so many WWE Superstars are intimidated by their boss.

Cena, who has been in plenty of both well and poorly received angles says that he's witnessed plenty of stars upset about their creative direction. As explained on Edge & Christians show E&C's Pod of Awesomeness, Cena recommends that frustrated stars just reach out to McMahon.

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"He will explain everything," Cena said. "A lot of people go through the creative process and get upset. If you're upset, go the person you work for and say 'Why are we doing this?' 99 times out of 100, Vince will tell you it's a creative ethos behind this, you walk away going 'yeah, I can do it!'"

What's the worst thing that could happen, per Cena? Well, you could experience the infamous "you're fired" line, but Cena says WWE isn't much in the habit of that these days.

"I don't understand the nerve racking of it all. You get fired, that's the worst thing (laughs). We're in the business of holding on to a lot of guys. I mean it, there's never been a better chance for someone to be a WWE megastar than right now. The door is wide open... step up right now. I think these guys feel a piece of the system instead of this creative force. There's no better feeling than being out there when everything just clicks. No one can write that for you produce that for you. That has to come from the individual. I'm not saying we don't have great talent. Guys have more talent now than we've ever seen.  It's the ability to apply creativity to their skill set and I think that's what's missing," said Cena

You can hear the full podcast at this link, and check out Cena talking about hurdles NXT wrestlers face at this link, as well as some of his old foes needing time on the mic at this link.

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