John Cena: Check Out My OnlyFans To See Me Beat My Meat Raw Dog

John Cena is at it again.

16-time world champion John Cena recently launched an OnlyFans to promote his upcoming film, "Ricky Stanicky".

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In a new post, Cena encouraged fans to check out his OnlyFans. He noted that Freaky Friday was free, and viewers could see him beat his raw dog in the newest upload.

Cena's uploads on OnlyFans have been innocent, despite his suggestive teases. In a previous post, Cena teased that his video featured more fisting than fans may be ready for. Cena has also (literally) teabagged and scissored on OnlyFans. More information is available here.

Randy Orton has said that he wants to collab with Cena on OnlyFans. Check out his comments here.

Drew McIntyre recently said that he would not be joining Cena on OnlyFans. Check out his comments here.

Cena previously said that he was all-natural, and he had never taken PEDS. Check out his comments here.

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