John Cena Doesn't Have A Lot Going On At The Moment, Posts Taylor Swift Picture On Instagram

John Cena loves to take to Instagram to post photos with no captions to rile up the Internet. His Instagram bio reads, "Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy."

He elaborated to Chris Van Vliet in 2019, saying, "That's what the Instagram is about, an image where you can interpret what you want. It's explained in the bio. That is exactly, exactly what it is. Every single thing that I post has meaning, some are a bit more obvious like the post of Baron Corbin on my face when he's facing off with Kurt Angle and some are a little more subtle. I posted one today that was super, super subtle and tomorrow's one is even more layer of the onion subtly. I enjoy that, it's just using the medium in a different way and creating a virtual art gallery where the consumer can be like 'what's on his mind?' or 'this is what this means' which sparks conversation."

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On Tuesday, Cena posted the following photo on Instagram. As usual, without a caption.

As the resident Taylor Swift expert on Fightful (Sorry, Denise), I have taken it upon myself to try and decipher exactly what the photo means:

* John Cena is feeling 22: This particular photo of Taylor is from the "22" music video. The video was released in March 2013. Let's go back to March 2013. John Cena was set to headline WrestleMania against The Rock. Cena picked up the victory in what is arguably the biggest and most important match of his career. With Cena set to return to WrestleMania against Bray Wyatt, is Cena feeling in 2013 form when he defeated The Rock?

* John Cena is feeling Red: "22" is off the Taylor Swift album "Red." Cena has been wearing green for a long time. Maybe he's finally decided to go back to the red.

* John Cena is just a big Taylor Swift fan: Look, it's no secret that wrestlers love T. Swift. Seth Rollins is an admitted fan and sang "Shake It Off" with Roman Reigns on Carpool Karaoke. Rollins also revealed that Cesaro is a fan of Taylor as well. The Rock's voice made a cameo in "The Man" music video. Maybe John Cena is simply showing his admiration for another great songwriter.

* John Cena is Team Taylor: Social media exploded over the weekend as the leaked Kanye West-Taylor Swift phone calls surfaced in full and people realized that Taylor was right. I'm not going to get into this because Denise Salcedo did a video that aligns with my views.

John Cena has made his choice in the rivalry between Taylor and Kanye West & Kim Kardashian. He's on Team Taylor because he's on the right side of history.

* John Cena wants to collaborate: "You Can't See Me" is a classic. Don't @ me. Every Taylor Swift album is a classic. A John Cena-Taylor Swift collaboration would pretty much be the greatest song of all-time. This is Cena's way of reaching out. Maybe not the most professional way to reach out. He should try Tumblr.

* John Cena is just bored: Taylor's shirt reads "Not A Lot Going On At The Moment." With everyone needing to stay at home, most of us don't have a lot going on at the moment. Cena is used to being busy. Now, he's probably watching "Love is Blind" on Netflix. John Cena is just like us.

* John Cena wanted me to write this article: I see you, John.

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