John Cena On Roman Reigns, Helping "Younger" Stars And 'The What If' vs 'The What Is'

John Cena recently spoke to Bleacher Report about a number of varying topics, including how any noise is good noise in a WWE arena.

"I've always taken any sort of audible response as a compliment, and I always understand it is our consumers' right and privilege to say whatever they want at our events. So as long as there's no silence, I'll keep being excited."

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Cena was asked if he's helped any other stars, notably Roman Reigns deal with negative reaction from the crowds. Cena says he hasn't helped Roman, but, he says, "that's not because I don't want to. And I think that's a testament to Roman Reigns' ability to handle the audience. You need pretty broad shoulders. That he hasn't had to come to anyone else for advice shows exactly how strong he is."

Cena was asked to name younger talents that have come to him for advice, and he named AJ Styles, who is technically younger than Cena -- by about 40 days.

"Well, younger—I mean, he's just a few weeks from me—but I can remember when AJ Styles came in, and he was just familiar with presenting himself a different way. And we sat down and had many a lengthy conversation about the differences and similarities between other spots and here. And from that, I think he took a lot of material away to present himself better."

And when asked if he ever contemplates how his career might have gone if he had made different decisions, perhaps turned heel, he says he doesn't think that way.

"No. And I think that any sort of hindsight, especially in this industry, is a waste of time, and time is extremely valuable. I don't control that. People ask me to do something, and it is our job, as entertainers, to do the best that we can to accomplish that goal. What I get upset about in this business is that so many people talk about the 'what if,' instead of the 'what is.' The 'what is' is more important. If someone were to go back 15 years and say, 'You should have done this,' it's too late. I was told to do 'X,' and I was trying to do 'X' the best way that I could."

You can read the full story at this link.

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