John Cena Says He'll Debut His New Finishing Maneuver At WWE's Live Event In Shanghai

John Cena is doing it big for his return.

John Cena recently announced on Twitter that after what will have been five months away from WWE, he will be making his return to the company at a live event in Shanghai, China.

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The former 16-time WWE World Champion last competed at the 'Greatest Royal Rumble' PPV where he fell in defeat to Triple H. In Cena's announcement about his return to the ring, he added that he has added a sixth move to his "five moves of doom" that fans have made fun of him for which include the two shoulder tackles, the spin-around back-body drop, the "Five Knuckle Shuffle" and the "Attitude Adjustment". WWE uploaded a clip onto their YouTube channel which featured John Cena standing inside of the Jackie Chan Training Facility in Tianjin, China. Cena stated that he has added a new move to his repertoire that he is confident will be bring him many victories.

“Okay so for years, everyone has said that I sometimes become repetitive with my style--I say if something’s broke don’t try and fix it. So, I’ve been known for five moves in succession that bring me victory." Cena said with a smirk. "Those who know what those five moves are, know. Those who don’t, means I still have a fair advantage on some people in the ring. Yet through my studies here at the Jackie Chan Training Center, I’ve been able to work with some students and teachers and a skill from the discipline of [Chinese Fighting Style] and, its enough to pay homage to the [Chinese Fighting Style] yet its Americanized, because of my proportion and flexibility but because of the movement itself, it is extremely powerful, and the WWE Universe knows… as the superstar becomes smarter and smarter, and I have more and more matches, I’ve reworked the Attitude Adjustment just about every way I can." Cena said. "I’ve done it off the second rope, I’ve done two in succession, I’ve done it left-handed--right-handed and it used to be about 100 percent with its batting average and now its about 50 percent maybe less. So not only is this a new maneuver, that has a true foundation in Chinese culture which I’m very proud of because I’d like to pay respect to my experience here, but it is also extremely powerful so I’m very excited to debut something that I’ve learned here that maybe I can take a piece of my Chinese experience back to the world.”


Cena added that he will be debuting the move at the WWE live event in Shanghai on September 1st and that there would be nothing better than to debut the move in China where he was taught how to perform said maneuver.

“Well, if I tell you when, I’m gonna give an advantage to the competition. Here’s a small hint: There’s talk of a September 1st event in Shanghai, and I couldn’t think of a better way to show my appreciation for China, Chinese people and Chinese culture than to debut what I think is a finishing move that will provide me much victory in Shanghai on September 1st." He said.


September 1st is also the day that 'All In' is scheduled to take place. A major announcement concerning the broadcasting information for 'All In' was recently made. To read about that, click here.

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