John Cena Says He Would Like To Compete On An NXT Show, Explains How He Came Up With "You Can't See Me", And More

John Cena's Q&A session at MegaCon.

Former 16-time WWE World Champion John Cena was a special guest for a lengthy Q&A session for fans at MegaCon in Orlando where Cena answered all questions and responded to statements that were presented to him. 

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John Cena made his WWE main roster debut 16 years ago and has main evented a number of WrestleMania's and partook in some of the biggest matches in the history of the sports-entertainment company. A brand that is creating similar moments as well is the NXT brand that was founded by WWE Executive Triple H. During the Q&A John Cena was asked if he would like to compete on an NXT show in the future and he shared that he would love to do so because the superstars of the brand have another level of hunger to them when it comes to the sport of pro wrestling.

“Did I? Have I made an official appearance on NXT TV? When was that? I know I was on NXT in the arena after their show. They were kind enough… I wasn’t good enough to make television that night. They had me in what is called a non-televised appearance and I figure if I work real hard then maybe I can get a televised match on NXT.” He continued, “I would love to be on the television show. I’ve been around the superstars of RAW and SmackDown for a long time. I recently went to the Performance Center and spoke to the NXT superstars for six hours in a form like this where I answered their questions and I was so inspired, by how hard they work, and how hungry they are, that it made me want to perform with them so one day I hope I can actually perform on an NXT television show.”

Like most of the superstars in NXT they are currently going through their first couple of years in WWE and after Cena's first few years in the company he developed his "Doctor Of Thuganomics" persona which brought fans phrases such as "You Can't See Me" that has become a pop culture reference of sorts. John Cena went on to explain how the catchphrase "You Can't See Me" came to be.

"I didn't’ know what else to say, and I figured if I could somehow master a superpower it would give me an advantage over all my competition. So I worked in a sorcery type manner to master the power of invisibility.” Cena jokingly stated. “The truth behind that statement is my youngest brother dared me to do a dance similar to [*Does the You Can’t See Me gesture*] this on television, and I’m a sucker for a dare, and I didn’t want to blatantly rip off the dance so I just changed the move and did that, and I realized how ridiculous I looked when I did that, so I felt I should say something, and what came out was, ‘You Can’t See Me’, which was even more ridiculous."

The WWE is continuing to expand its brand across the world and John Cena has been the figurehead for that expansion over the past decade. Cena was asked to choose two wrestlers who he would devise a group with to represent branches of the world and to be the face of their respective countries and one of the superstars he choose is a former 4-time RAW Tag Team Champion, "The Swiss Superman" Cesaro.

"No, no, that’s kind of an inside track question but we’re in front of the right audience.” He said. "Cesaro would be my number one, because we share a lot in common. We share passion for strength, we both love strong coffee, and he is multi-lingual and locked down the entire E.E.U. and I am fine with that. I don’t know who else to choose at that point because the guys I have [things] in common with don’t necessarily have international background although I’m very, very… I’m very much looking forward to what our recent Chinese recruits will do." Cena uttered. "I was just able to speak with a few of them when I went to NXT. I think that's an area of the world where I think we need a better presence, and, we have very high hopes for them, because I want to be able to bring WWE to China. So possibly I think between myself and Cesaro’s experience, if we could take a younger, inexperienced Chinese recruit and show him the way of coffee and strength, I think we’d be alright.”


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