John Cena Is On The Side Of The Beach Ballers, Finn Balor Disagrees

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Last night, on the Post-Summerslam episode of Monday Night RAW, the show was utterly highjacked by a bunch of fans who were more interested in bopping an inflatable ball around the arena than they were in watching the biggest stars in wrestling perform for them.

Some in attendance admit that about 7-10 beach balls were chased down by security, confiscated and destroyed. Each time one went pop, some weasel fished another one out of his back pocket, blew it up, and it was game back on.

It was like a coordinated attack on those of us who would rather watch wrestling than jerkwads who like to live up their own asses.

And as if it wasn't bad enough that the WWE's official Twitter was celebrating their nonsense ...

... John Cena, supposed arbiter of all that is good and just in the world of wrestling entertainment, was actually ENCOURAGING these yahoos in their insufferable shenanigans.

Apparently, during a commercial break, Cena called an audible and told Miz to cut a promo on the audience, admonishing them for their sophomoric behavior. 

Of course, this only made matters worse, serving to amplify their antics, and Cena fed into it the whole way through the rest of the match.

After the broadcast, Cena got on the mic and told the crowd that they were awesome, not only giving them permission to do this kind of thing again, but even commending it.

"I'd like to commend you on some brilliant play with a beach ball. There's a few security guards out there that I'm not too fond of. The reason I want to address those things, for real, is because I love when an audience has fun. And tonight, you guys, no matter what, you wanted to bring out a beach ball, call a security guard an A-hole, rock this place with the wave, and let everyone know Monday Night RAW was coming from the BK!"

This seems kind of contradictory, considering that footage has surfaced today of a father and son being kicked out of Barclays for their beachballing.

Now it's unclear whether or not the heels in the match were just kayfabe angry or pissed in real life, but regardless, Samoa Joe didn't seem too pleased.

And the thing of it was, the tag team main event wasn't even the only match where the crowd was holding the action hostage.

During the Finn Balor/Jason Jordan match, the beach ball actually bounced over the barricade and into the ringside area.

Finn was pissed, according to fans in attendance.

And then Finn sent out these Tweets, which seemed to say:

"If the fans want to cheer for the beach ball instead of me, then maybe the beach ball should be on the roster."

"And hey, if the beach ball is such a fan favorite, since the crowd is chanting 'Let's go beach ball,' maybe the beach ball deserves some new merch."

And in case you were wondering what Cesaro thinks of all this, he replied to Finn's second Tweet with this GIF:


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