John Cena Wants To Play Vince In The McMahon Biography Movie

So in news that is somehow so perfect and so crazy-nutso-off-the-wall at the same time, John Cena wants to play the lead role in Pandemonium, the Vince McMahon biopic.

In other words, John Cena wants to play Vince McMahon.

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In still other words, John Cena wants to play Vince McMahon in a movie where Vince is a coke-snorting, bouncer-choking, Linda-porking-in-the-stands-of-Madison-Square-Garden ego-maniac. (at least, in the first draft)

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Cena said this: 

"There is a story out there about the life and times of Vince McMahon. Man, I think it is a wonderful script from word one. But unfortunately, that would be something I'd love to do, but I feel maybe a different actor should do that movie, just because of how powerful the story is, and I would hate for the audience to feel that it is a WWE-produced product. 

And that's not in a bad way—it's just I want them to feel the emotion that I felt reading the script. I can just tell you that it's out there and that it's awesome, and man, if it were all different, I would certainly love to step into Vince's shoes." 

Now, Cena actually has some experience playing Vince McMahon, or at least a thinly-veiled facsimile thereof, when he portrayed "Lance Catamaran" on Southpaw Regional Wrestling (see the video at the top of the page).

It's too bad for him, though, and us, that Linda McMahon says she thinks the Vince movie won't ever get made.

Because the thought of John Cena playing 80s era Vince McMahon, with Braun Strowman playing Hulk Hogan, has me WAY too excited.

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