John Morrison's OMG Moments, The Revival Meet Up With "Tony Schiavone" | Fight-Size Update

Here's your fight-size update for the morning of December 8, 2019:

- Ahead of his return to WWE, here's a look at several of John Morrison's top highlights from his previous stay in WWE at the top of the page.

- The Revival got to see Tony Schiavone....or at least a look-alike.

- According to WWE Network News, there will be a new episode of "WWE Chronicle" focused around Rey Mysterio that will be released on December 14.

- A look at previous times WWE superstars were arrested.

- A new World Tag League tournament winner and a couple of familiar faces appeared on the NJPW World Tag League finals. Full results here.

- Fightful Sean Ross Sapp's gives his live reaction to Tito Ortiz vs. Alberto Del Rio.

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