John Morrison Says He Wouldn't Change His Name If He Could Do It Over Again

Johnny Mundo, also known as Johnny Nitro, also known as John Morrison, also known as Johnny Impact, also known as John Morrison was recently interviewed by Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights below, and the full podcast and interview above or at this link.

Working with Impact Wrestling for the past 6 months:

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"Surprised! I don't know what I expected. (laughs) Some people have negative opinions of Impact for some reason. I've noticed that before I even went there. When I went there, a lot of the people... Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters (Adonis), Alberto El Patron are people I've known and got along with back in the day. People in the office, kind of the same thing. There's a lot of new people involved. Desmond Xavier, for example, is someone I've got to work with on the independents. Trevor Lee, same thing. ANd, Eli Drake who I really got to start working with at Impact. They're all super talented and nice and all almost as good as Johnny Impact. That is a pretty high compliment coming from me. (laughs)"


The name Johnny Impact:

"If I had my wrestling career to start over again, I'd stick with one name throughout. But, I'm going to just keep on switching. Johnny Impact? Sure. Might as well name yourself after the franchise, right? It has a certain charm to it. To me, it sounds like a cheesy 80's name like, "JOHNNY IMPACT!" It's fun. It's a lot of fun! Wrestling at its best should be fun!"


Impact doing more live events:

"Yeah, absolutely. One of the things that makes wrestling uniquely wrestling is the interaction between the live crowd and the performers in the ring. Absolutely, I love live events (house shows). That is one of my fondest memories when I was a kid was going to the Western Forum and seeing the Bushwhackers, Shawn Michaels, and the Macho Man back in the day. Doing live events is always a cool thing."

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