Johnny Gargano Thought 'Glorious' Was Going To Be The Theme For The Cruiserweight Classic

Johnny Gargano on the origin of the Glorious Bomb and the payoff to a long-running pudding gag during his time with "The Way."

Johnny Gargano was a part of many funny moments in the history of NXT. Now, but Johnny has departed WWE and is striking out on his own, he is revealing some of the funny moments that led up to his more notorious bits and even reveals the payoff for one of those running gags while he was the leader of The Way.

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Speaking on his Twitch stream, Johnny Gargano revealed that the payoff to the bit where he kept getting pudding cups while Candice LeRae was teaching Tegan Nox how to cook was going to be a cupboard full of pudding cups.

"If you go to any of the videos of Candice teaching Tegan how to cook on YouTube there's always a point in the background where I walk in and I just take a pudding cup, and I walk away. So one of them was I just walked in, grab the pudding cup. Another one I grab and pudding cup, grab another pudding cup walked away, grabbed a water, put the water back, grab three pudding cups. I always grab pudding. I open up one side of the fridge, there was no pudding, open the other side, there's pudding! Yay. Great. The payoff, which again, I will show you at some point is, I open up the fridge, there's no pudding. I'm sad. I start freaking out. I look up and -- literally the guy who filmed the videos, his name is Dustin, and it was his house. Another breaking news [item]: all the videos where we filmed The Way at home vignettes and things like that, Not actually our house. It was someone else's house. So sorry to blow all that out of water for you. But, so I would look. No pudding, no pudding. I'd be sad. I look up and above the refrigerator there was a cupboard and I would open up both cupboards and there'd be literally like 50 puddings and I would just like thank God for all the pudding and that was the payoff of all of it."

Talking about one particular social media bit he became known for, the Glorious Bomb, Johnny Gargano revealed that he and the rest of the Cruiserweight competitors thought that the song was actually going to be used for their tournament in 2016 and he was disheartened to learn that it was actually going to be the theme song for Bobby Roode.

"When it was a Cruiserweight Classic. We were all practicing that Cruiserweight Classic. If you remember it, it was kind of a parade where we would all walk out and stand in the aisle. We were rehearsing that the night before really late. And they played the glorious song. And we all thought it was for the Cruiserweight Classic.

"We love the song. We fell in love with it immediately. Then we realize it wasn't for the Cruiserweight Classic, it was for Bobby, but we still love the song. So I just remember, me and Tommaso, kind of came up with the idea at the gym. We were like, Hey, Bobby, we're gonna do this thing called the 'Glorious Bomb', where we play the song, just raise it up and just kind of nod at the camera or something. So we did it at the gym and it blew up online and the social media guy came up to us like, Hey, this is like a thing. This is like a big thing.' We're like, 'Oh, okay, I guess we got to do this more.' So we started doing more like in the hotel and Bobby was a great sport too because we were like, 'Hey Bobby, just stand here for a minute and we're gonna do it.'"

Elsewhere in the stream, Johnny spoke about his love for Nickelodeon and his desire to one day be featured on the legendary kids network. Learn more here.

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