Johnny Impact Hopes More Wrestling Promotions Will Work Together

Johnny Impact says Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling are forward thinking.

Over the last several years, Johnny Impact (also known as Johnny Mundo or John Morrison) has been working for AAA, Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling, other independent wrestling promotions around the world. He has most prominently been involved with Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground and those two companies have worked together to exchange talent and co-promote a show.

In an interview with TV Insider, Johnny Impact said he hopes other promotions follow their lead.

“The office for Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling are both forward-thinking people that are trying to build something, instead of competing against one another, which traditionally happened in the past,” said Johnny Impact. "Lucha, Impact and hopefully more companies going forward are working together now, which is awesome to me. As a wrestler, we get to work for both companies. As a wrestling fan, I get to see a bunch of dream matches five years ago you would never get to see,” he continued.

Johnny Impact will be making his return to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary XVI in a fatal four way match. In the rest of the interview, he talked about that match, his recent marriage, and being on Survivor.

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