Jon Moxley Says He's Still On A Handshake Deal With NJPW

Jon Moxley speaks on the importance of NJPW to his career and how much he respects the opportunity to be the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

Jon Moxley made a name for himself in NJPW following his run as Dean Ambrose in WWE. In fact, While Moxley is more closely associated with AEW, the first contract he signed post-WWE was with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

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Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Moxley revealed that his first agreement with NJPW was a handshake deal for six months and all these years later, he remains on a handshake agreement with the Japanese promotion.

“When I first came to Japan, I wanted to understand it and participate in it,” said Moxley. “That allowed me to learn and grow. I didn’t come in and say, ‘This is what I do and this is what we’re doing.’ Everyone I wrestled, I learned from. I’ve really been able to grow a lot working with New Japan. It’s been a mutually beneficial relationship. They get me, and I get them.

“The first deal I signed with them was for six months. The shoe fit, so we kept going. We’re still on a handshake deal.”

As far as being the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, MOX plans on taking full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“All the long-ass plane rides, all the injuries, all of that went away at that moment. I’m still here. So much of the decision-making in pro wrestling is out of your control, but I have this one shot. I may never get another one. Plus, I’m a father now. At first, it didn’t seem so realistic. It wasn’t even a goal. I just embraced every moment in Japan. I love being there, training there, and wrestling there. All I’m focused on there is wrestling. That’s it. So it’s a state of mind that allows me to grow as a pro wrestler. It’s all about the pursuit of pro wrestling.

“I’m the first guy to hold all three–WWE, AEW, and IWGP. It feels so humbling to be put in this position. It’s a different world with the IWGP title, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So I’m going to storm the fucking castle.”

MOX will have his first defense against Powerhouse Hobbs on the April 24 AEW Dynamite. Learn more about that here.

Fans can read why MOX isn't concerned about allegiances to initials and specific promotions at this link.

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