Jon Moxley Talks Being Forced To Apologize For Saying F*** On WWE TV

Jon Moxley shares an interesting story during his time in WWE as Dean Ambrose.

During his panel with Jim Ross at Starrcast IV, Moxley spoke about the time he accidentally swore on live television. It was on a pay-per-view after Moxley had won a match with the WWE United States Championship on the line and immediately after the match, he said, ‘Give me my f***ing belt.’

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Moxley then talked about being approached by Road Dogg backstage and being asked about that moment.

“You know how you’re in the moment and in the zone and say things to yourself like when you’re shooting basketball like, ‘That’s right get in the hoop motherf****r.’ Especially when you’re in the zone like you want to be in pro wrestling. I go out and win a match, whatever, referee raises my hand and I say, ‘Give me my f***ing belt.’ Blatantly and I’m mic’d up. They cut it on the delay and I have no idea if I said this. So I get into the back and everybody’s kind of weird. Road Dogg comes to me and said, ‘Did you say f*ck out there?’ I went in and said, ‘I didn’t cut a promo,’ and then he goes, ‘No, like in the ring.’ I didn’t think so, maybe, and he walks away,” Moxley said.

It wasn't until the following day that Moxley was called in by WWE and had to apologize to the people in the production truck for making them work to hide the expletive.

“The next day, somebody comes out to me and says, ‘So we need you in the production truck and apologize to those in the truck because they had to hit the button for the five-second delay,’ because that’s soooo hard. But they wanted me to go out and apologize in the truck because I swore on camera. I had no problem, I apologize, it must have slipped out, will never happen again. So I go into the truck and they make me watch it and they made me sit down, like I’m being punished. They put it on and I was like, ‘Oh, I totally did say it!’ Just blatant. I’m totally admitting fault, I’m apologizing, bowing down, saying it’ll never happen again, that I didn’t know what I was saying and that I was in the moment,” Moxley said.

But according to Moxley, the apology apparently wasn't enough as he was chastised by one of the higher-ups for not providing an adequate enough of an apology for the push he was getting at the time.

“He says, ‘I don’t think that was the kind of apology for the push that we are giving you… Look, I know you’re a different kind of cat.’ I was so confused because I totally apologize. Now, looking back years later. I must have come off like a dick. I didn’t mean to. But that was a pivotal moment where they were like, ‘Kind of f*ck this guy,’” Moxley said.

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