Jordynne Grace: No Matter How Empowered Women Get, We Will Always Get Creepy Messages

Jordynne Grace turned creepy DMs on Twitter into a business venture. 

Grace has released two books titled "DMs Of A Female Indy Wrestler," which highlights the direct messages sent to females on a daily basis. Grace spoke with Sports Illustrated's Dan Greene about the messages she receives on a daily basis.

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"A lot of women have said they’re glad that I’m bringing these kinds of messages to people’s attention because a lot of people don’t realize the stuff that female wrestlers go through—and females in general, but specifically female wrestlers," said Grace. "There have been some people that have voiced concerns about me getting more messages because I’m ‘feeding the trolls’ by putting their messages in a book. And a lot of female wrestlers are saying, ‘Oh man, I wish I had done this.’ Which they totally still could."

While she has turned her DMs into a book, she does share a select few messages on Twitter. The message range from creepy to incoherent.

Grace continued, stating that wrestling fans don't act in real life the same way they act online.

"People hide behind the keyboard. A lot of these people don’t even have profile pictures of themselves. They hide from their wives or whatever and send messages to all these different women just being creeps, basically. Mostly in person wrestling fans are really timid or shy and don’t say stuff like this," she said. "I think that no matter what, no matter how empowered women get or how much of a revolution there is, I think women will always get these messages from these specific types of men who just don’t respect women. I don’t know what their motive is behind sending these messages. But it’s not just U.S.-based. A lot of these messages are from other countries. A lot of people in India send messages, a lot of people in China. They don’t understand this women’s revolution in America. That’s one of the reasons they’re sending these messages, I think."

Grace stole the Over Budget Battle Royale at All In with her work against Brian Cage. She recently signed a two-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling. Being on television every week should give her more material for Volume 3.

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