Josh Mathews Doesn't Know Who Is Calling Impact vs. LU, Talks Sonjay Dutt

Impact Wrestling's Josh Mathews was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see the full interview above, or selected highlights below:

Who will be calling the action for Impact versus Lucha Underground:
"I don't know. I'll be there. If I'm called upon to call the show, awesome! If not, there's other things that I could be doing down there. I would love to call the show. I've worked with Matt Striker for many years. That would be an easy thing to do. But, if that is not the decision that is made, then, all good.There's other things (laughs)to occupy my time. We're going to be live on Twitch Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday. There will be 48 hours of original content so that if you're not in New Orleans, we can virtually put you in New Orleans through our Twitch live stream! (laughs)"

Sonjay Dutt taking over color commentary:
"I've had the opportunity to work with more broadcast partners than anyone from 13 years in WWE to here at Impact and the people that I have worked with here. I've really enjoyed working with Pope. But, with Sonjay, it is different because Sonjay is completely dialed into what we're doing everyday. That is different than anyone, ANYONE I've worked with in Impact Wrestling because Sonjay knows exactly what is going on maybe more than I know what is going on and I'm dialed into this product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it is great to have someone there that also knows what we're trying to accomplish. It is about the talent in the ring first and foremost for me. Hopefully this "One True Spirit Guide" of Matt Sydal (laughs), we give that a chance and hopefully get an opportunity to talk about the guys that are in the ring. These are the people that we're going to have to rely on in the future. They need to be front and center in front of everyone and described to our viewers so they can understand who our characters are going forward. I think Sonjay's done an incredible job. It was thrust upon us. I think everyone knows the situation we were put in. Something happened and we had to adjust and I think we made the right call, the right play was called. If it is a long play that was called then I think Sonjay and I can be a great broadcast team."