Josh Mathews Doubles Down On 'Best Commentator' Remarks

Josh Mathews recently said he believed he was the greatest wrestling announcer in the world. People didn't seem to agree. Well, Mathews not only thinks that the tumultuous reaction to that statement is "hilarious," he's not backing off from those words, either.

Mathews, who was interviewed by the Irish Mirror to promote Impact Wrestling coming to Spike TV in the United Kingdom on April 21, discussed the response to him making that statement during a "My First Day" interview that was posted on Impact's official YouTube channel. (It's also embedded above, if you're interested). During the interview, Mathews, who started his career in WWE, said he thinks he is the best announcer in the world today.

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"It's hilarious to me that I said 'I think I'm the greatest wrestling announcer in the world today' and a lot of other big statements but people took that one bit out and focused on it," Mathews said. "But I'm not going to back down. I do think I'm the best, and anyone who is in this world should think they are the best!"

Led by promotion co-founder Jeff Jarrett, Impact is in the midst of a revamp and creative overhaul that included dropping the TNA name. Current storylines also have Mathews, who remains the lead announcer on Impact, playing up a heel role even while commentating.

"I can push the envelope here," Mathews said of the heel turn. "I can go to places that maybe haven't been visited in this role... I'm not always going to just like the heels and hate the babyfaces but there's an opportunity for me to tell you who I like and who I don't like without being worried about being screamed at through a headset to say 'the right thing'. It's refreshing after thirteen years in (the professional wrestling) world."

Check out Mathews' full interview with the Irish Mirror here.


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