Josh Mathews Talks Possibility Of ROH And Impact Partnership

Impact Wrestling's Josh Mathews was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see the full interview above, or selected highlights below:

Madison Rayne and Austin Aries working with ROH Posibly Leading to an ROH and Impact Working Relationship:

"I think the opportunity for that to happen certainly exists. As for the talent, my wife (Madison Rayne) is a free agent. She gets to go wrestle for Ring of Honor or go down and wrestle for (WWE) NXT. Or, come back to Impact! She got called to do the Windsor show in BCW. It was fun for her. She got to go up there, see some friends, see some faces, say hello.She had a great match with a future Knockout named Gisele Shaw. That match was on the pay-per-view. It is fun for her. She likes that. But, on the other side of it, she would also like a place that she could call home. A place that she could compete regularly and build her legacy or continue to build upon her legacy that she has built in Impact. As a talent, you're building your brand but you're also trying to build the company that you work for. I think that is the mentality of all wrestlers. As for the companies (Impact Wrestling and ROH), I think that has to be something that has to slowly evolve and play out and make sure everyone trusts each other and that everyone understands that everyone wants this to be an opportunity for everyone to succeed. On April the 6th, you're going to get your first taste of that when Impact Wrestling faces Lucha Underground at WrestleCon. And, we'll all be together! (laughs) Everyone will be under one roof at the Sugarmill Factory and you can still get tickets at We'll see how this all works out. I know there has already been some talks about doing some things in the United Kingdom. You may have seen a Facebook post asking fans who would you like to see us (Impact) work with in the United Kingdom."

What to expect at Impact Wrestling's Redemption PPV:
"I often say you never know what is going to happen with Impact goes live because we don't have those opportunities all that often. When we do, we make the most of them. You see surprises. You see returns. For me, that is what is fun about being a wrestling fan - See who shows up and what happens when they do."

His favorite wrestling theme song:
"Taiji Ishimori! It is so good, isn't it? Mothball is the band. I've been trying to interview them for Sonjay and I have talked about how great it would be if they came and played live at Impact. Mothball has certainly caught the attention of all of us in Nashville! (laughs)"

The hard work of the preview shows:
"Thank you. That was the team in Nashville. Kevin Sullivan, I mentioned Eric Thompkins, Jimmy Long... Everyone else that is a part of that production team - Andrew Thomas, Kenny Smith. Now I have to mention them all or I'll be sad if they read or listen to this. Everyone heavily involved!"