Josh Mathews' Twitter Trolling Has Him In Hot Water With Impact Officials; Also, Shark Boy Will NOT Let This Beef Die

Self-proclaimed Best-Wrestling-Commentator-In-The-World Josh Mathews might have finally Tweeted his way into a problem that he can't delete his way out of.

Mathews has been getting into Twitter beefs with everyone from Jeremy Borash to Shark Boy (we'll get to him later) to @rasslinfan1993-with-an-egg-for-an-avatar, ever since this video was released by TNA, in which Mathews proclaims himself to be the "best play-by-play announcer in the world."

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"Wrestling announcing, to me... I make no bones about it that I think I'm the best play-by-play announcer in the world. There's nobody that can touch what I do out there."

That riled up a lot of fans of Jim Ross, Gorilla Monsoon, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and even Matt Striker--all commentators that could hold a claim of being better than Josh Mathews. People have been coming at Mathews on Twitter ever since.

One of those attackers was apparently the Real Shoot Wrestling podcast (@RSWLive). Mathews fired back, posting a Tweet to them, that read,

“Ohh, ‘Real Shoot Wrestling Podcast!’ Taking offense! Did you guys book a great ‘SHOOT style promo!’ You should really shoot yourselves.”

He deleted it, but the fellas over at RSW managed to catch a screenshot first:

Impact Wrestling caught wind of this poorly-thought-out Tweet by Mathews and they were none too happy. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that they warned him to change his tone on Social Media. We'll see if Mathews sees the writing on the wall and takes it down a couple notches.

Telling someone to commit suicide, even as a joke, is no laughing matter.

But you know what is?


I told you about his burial of Josh via tweets last week, and I promised to keep you updated if he threw out any more zingers.



So, to sum up:


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