Juice Robinson Sounds Off About Carving His Own Path To Success In Wrestling

Juice speaking straight from the heart.

At the NJPW G1 Special show in San Francisco last night, Juice Robinson overcame the odds and his doubters as he captured the first singles title of his pro wrestling career by defeating Jay White to become the new IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Champion. Juice has not always been a fan favorite or had success in the business as he was once a part of WWE's NXT brand under the name "CJ Parker". During his time with the company Juice underwent a series of character tweaks and changes and was not quite able to fit in with the company.

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Following his title win last night, Juice let his emotions flow during the post-match press conference where he started off his speech in a joking manner before turning up the intensity.

“I told you Jay, I told you. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while man. In this world, I got 20/20 vision baby. The only two nuts I care about is these two dangling between my legs, and that’s what I fought with tonight; heart, not, obviously f*****g broken metacarpal good God almighty. I’m already in pretty sh***y [shape], pretty sh***y [shape], just cause’ I like to drink beer, but I only have one hand. The bike… ain’t gonna do it.” Juice said.

Juice then amped his voice up and began speaking about his journey from being CJ Parker and requesting his release from WWE to find his own way to now being the IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Champion in a three year time span.

"Anybody who said titles don’t matter in this business, can burn in hell, alright lets be honest. Titles don’t matter? If titles don’t matter then why the hell are we doing this? Titles do fu****g matter.” Juice expressed. “Titles matter, and the United States Championship matters. It matters and you know what now? Juice matters. All of a sudden presto change-o. You leave fu****g NXT, the only place that's supposed to matter, the only place that’s supposed to matter. I was told… the last thing that I said when I left NXT, Canyon Cemen told me, he looked at me and he said, ‘CJ Parker’, actually he used my shoot name Joe Robinson.” Juice continued, “He said, ‘Joe, go out and make yourself a star.’ Well by God, look its taken three years but I landed on my feet that’s right… I landed on my fu****g feet. Fast forward three years, WWE, NXT all that s**t--everything that you guys constantly ask me about. I know because that’s what we talk about, that’s what we talk about all the time-WWE. But that’s in the rear view mirror now and guess what I ain’t going back, I ain’t ever going back.” Juice said. “Its okay because guess what guys like Cody Rhodes, guys like Kenny Omega, more guys like that, Will Ospreay, the big stars, big independent stars. No, independent? Yeah you can take that can shove it up your ass. They're stars baby, and I might not be a star yet but I’m getting there. So titles do matter, and guess what Canyon Cemen, I’m doing my damnedest to make myself a star, thank you guys very much."



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