Justin Roberts Says Triple H "Keeps Certain Guys Down"

Since becoming the figurehead of NXT’s evolution and growth, Triple H’s reputation has changed a lot. Seemingly at the forefront of a change in talent scouting and overall philosophy, many fans have been convinced in recent years that the former 16 time world champion is the perfect man to lead the company into a new boom period. However, former WWE announcer Justin Roberts isn’t so sure. Talking to wrestledelphia.com about his new autobiography Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass, Roberts discussed Triple H and his current public perception.

“It’s hard when you’re on the outside and you read things,” he said. “We all see that Triple H is this hero among the internet. He’s the guy standing up for the wrestling fans, telling Vince to make this better. For us, internally in the company, we thought there’s a great chance he’ll be on our side and look out for us and try to help. Then you see him come in and clip the wings off certain guys and keep certain guys down. You realize he’s just looking out for himself.”

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As well as Triple H, Roberts also discussed JBL and Kevin Dunn, the only three people that he feels came across in a negative light in the book. “I didn’t really give my opinion on them. I just told the story of my experiences and how they came into my story and what their involvement was,” Roberts said. “By telling the story, you as a reader can say that guy seems like a great guy or that guy doesn’t seem like a great guy. I tell my story and the role everybody played and how I was treated by everybody. I didn’t make anything up – that’s the best part of the book. It’s completely honest.”

Triple H is certainly a polarizing figure in the wrestling world and that isn’t going to change anytime soon considering his continually growing power. Either way, Roberts’ comments are definitely worth a read and you can find the full interview here.

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