Juventud Guerrera Recalls Coming Up With The 'Mexicools' Name; Never Liking Their Presentation

Juventud Guerrera wasn't a fan of the way The Mexicools were presented.

In 2005, Guerrera, along with Psicosis and Super Crazy were signed by WWE. They would all debut in June of that year before joining together as a faction called The Mexicools. Speaking on Talk is Jericho, Juventud recounted the formation of the group and shares Vince McMahon's immediate reaction after he suggested the stable's name.

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"They called me and offered me a contract to come to WWE," he began by saying. "It was the same situation with Psicosis and Super Crazy, we were looking for a job, everybody separately, and they hired us together, but didn't know what to do with us, maybe push one guy or bring someone in. 'How are we going to have three guys we hired, obviously we want to do something with them, but we don't know what.' Vince, Chavo, Johnny Ace, and myself (were meeting) and they were like, 'Juvi, we need a name for a group we're going to put together. Do you have a name for the group?' Out of nowhere, I say, 'What is cool? If it's cool, it's cool. What if it's the Mexicools.' Vince didn't understand me, he's like, 'What did he say?' Johnny Ace was like, 'He said Mexicools.' Vince's eyes are popping and he's like, 'I like that! I like that name!' That's how we became the Mexicools."

While he imagine them as more suave, The Mexicools were presented in a way that didn't break any of the stereotypes that Juventud was hoping to break. When the group debuted, they rode to the ring in a lawnmower with a "Juan Deere" sticker on it. Juventud told Jericho that he tried to convince the others to dress nicer and do something different, but they were resistant to the idea.

"I never liked it. I always wanted to be Juicey and pretty much like an Alberto Del Rio gimmick with the three of us. I was telling them, 'Let's try to dress nice.' I don't know what happened, but I think they took it in the wrong way. Super Crazy was like, 'I don't like that.' 'Give it a try. Let's see how it works.' 'Ah, we don't feel like it. It's not good for us.' I feel like they took it against me. I wanted to give the Mexican people a little respect. They already knew about the Mexican Gardner and all that, I wanted to give something different to the audience. The name is super cool, so why not be cool? The t-shirt was also a garden machine and a lawnmower, I didn't like it. I didn't feel it. We tried to make the costume cool. I never spoke about it because I never like to talk about people because you talk bad about yourself," Guerrera said.

Juventud was released by WWE on January 6, 2006, though Super Crazy and Psicosis would continue teaming together.

This past summer, Chris Jericho had to complete four labors before he could have another match with MJF. After getting past Shawn Spears and Nick Gage, Jericho faced his old rival Juventud Guerrera on the August 4 edition of Dynamite.

The two men had famous battles in WCW, including Jericho defeating Guerrera to take his mask at WCW SuperBrawl VIII.

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