Kaci Lennox Comments On Billie Kay Comparisons, Not Stealing Her Entrance

Kaci Lennox made her first and only appearance for AEW on the December 15 episode of AEW Dark, taking on Ivelisse. 

Lennox was not victorious in the match, but her appearance stuck out as her entrance was similar to that of Billie Kay's. 

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Speaking to Spencer Love, Lennox set the record straight on her entrance and any comparison to Kay's. 

“I mean, so when I did the entrance, it wasn’t even something that I thought about. I didn’t even know, like, what entrance music I [had], and for wrestlers, you always want to know your entrance music so you can get into, like, how you’re going to walk out, how you’re going to pose, stuff like that," she said. "So, when I went out, it was literally – like, I heard my music, I went out, did my ‘let’s go,’ and then I just got into this pose that I do in literally all of my pictures, which is [what you saw],” she elaborated. “I post so many pictures, and – like, I’m gonna make a collage so that they have proof that I do this little spot! So I did that, and you know, got in the ring, and then, I did the foot over the rope thing, and I did the peace sign, like up in the air. I didn’t even think about it! It’s just something that like, it’s just natural for me to do. At some indie shows, I do – they’re gonna say it’s like Carmella where she used to step on the bottom rope and then lean forward and stick her tongue out or something like that. I just do whatever feels natural!”

Lennox then went on to tell the story of how Billie helped her at her WWE tryout and Billie's influence on her overall. 

"I love Billie Kay! I’m not – I wasn’t trying to steal her entrance or anything crazy like that. She, actually – and not a lot of people know this, because it’s not something that comes up. But, at my tryout, she’s the one who took Matt Bloom aside and asked if she could help me do three-quarter rolls. So like, I’m not like – I wasn’t trying to steal anything from her. I definitely love her character [and] who she is. She’s great, but I wasn’t trying to steal anything! I don’t know. I love her, though. And, obviously, I will not do that again. I mean, you live and learn. I was way more concerned with making sure the match went off smooth over my entrance. So I don’t know, I just didn’t even think about it, to be honest," she said.

Lennox had her WWE tryout in 2015. 

You can watch the full clip with Kaci and Spencer in the video above. The full interview between the two will be out on Tuesday, February 16. 

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