Kamille Brickhouse Is One Win Closer To The NWA Women's Title

On episode two of NWA Shockwave which aired on December 8th, we saw two amazing ladies match ups. The opener Kamille versus CeCe Chanel and the Main Event Champion Thunder Rosa taking on Priscilla Kelly. While the Main Event was sure to receive immense attention, of that there was no doubt. And of course rightly so. They laid it all on the line. Killer Main Event. The opening in my opinion also deserves to be garnering more buzz as well. So here it is! These ladies were just as awesome…

Setting the tone for the rest of the episode was the aforementioned opener - Kamille versus CeCe Chanel. I thoroughly enjoyed this segment. The old school storytelling was spot on with modern updates that made it not insulting to fans. The throwback style that I love to associate with the history of companies like OVW, Smoky Mountain and The NWA was very reminiscent and present in this bout.

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CeCe Chanel was incredibly agile and light on her feet. I'd love to see her lay in her kicks more to further exercise her impressive kickboxing background. She was such a great opponent for Kamille. Both seemed to work effortlessly together. While Kamille needed to stay more so dominant, I appreciated CeCe's selling. This is a huge point of contention for wrestlers and fans these days. People are afraid to sell as if selling and losing bury them. I feel the opposite. Selling makes both athletes look good when done right. And CeCe did it right!

While getting somewhat decimated by Kamille which she needed to do, you didn't feel like you were necessarily watching the typical squash match. That is because of CeCe's selling and her personality. If she no sold Kamille, that'd bury Kamille and not CeCe. And then who would she be losing to? Some one buried that's who. CeCe clearly knew this and she did great business in this match. Her selling never once made her look bad. Instead, it made her look like she was fighting a battle. As it should. Especially with an opponent like Kamille.

In this I saw perfect execution by CeCe. By selling so well, she added extra credibility to what Kamille was already doing and leaving you wanting to see more of CeCe. Classic example of getting yourself over by making someone else look good. Tremendous old school in ring psychology. CeCe in this match further cemented in my mind exactly why she is rising up the ranks of the Independents and gaining lots of momentum despite this pandemic stricken year.

Kamille ever the heel was solid, cocky, and not the least bit pensive.
It's very apparent to me that Kamille has been putting in some serious work regardless of the challenges presented by the pandemic. I couldn't be more elated to see her crushing it. With every new match I see from Kamille, the more technically sound she is. Her presence exudes from her with every move she makes. Feels almost tangible which to me is money. Her transitions and grasp of her gimmick are impeccable. A great get by NWA. I've seen many women try to pull off the strong girl gimmick. However, none do it the justice it deserves quite like Kamille. I won't be using any Brickhouse puns, but legit I love what she's doing.

I'm positive you'll be seeing a lot more of Kamille and CeCe Chanel come 2021! Quite possibly even in my list of women to look out for in 2021 courtesy of fightful.com. At the risk of sounding redundant, this women's match to me was indicative of the diverse talents I see currently radiating out of women's wrestling today. Passion. Believability. Dedication to the craft. Doing the work. Immensely talented women… Kamille is most assuredly champion material. Her still undefeated status immediately following her match with CeCe Chanel is the exclamation point punctuating her progress towards that NWA Women's Championship Title. She's amassing an impressive stature that's going to propose an irrevocable threat to the current NWA Women's Champion. Kamille is sending a deafening message reverberating through NWA Women's Division. Consider yourselves warned…

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