Kane Discusses His Time As Fake Diesel And Isaac Yankem DDS

Kane appeared on the X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast. You can listen to the entire interview with Kane in the video above or download clips from the show here.

Fightful was passed along the following highlights.

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Glen Jacobs aka Kane Talks About His Time As The Fake Diesel and Isaac Yankem

Conceptually it {Fake Diesel} sounded pretty cool, but it just didn’t take off that way and I don’t think the audience really ever got behind it but again for me it got me more experience and I was determined to make that succeed. As for the Isaac Yankem character , it didn’t succeed the way I wanted it too. It was due to me, with the fake Diesel character it was the fact that it was never meant to be. But I felt I had done my part to make it as successful as I could of made it. …

It  {Isaac Yankem} came out in a time where WWE was shifting philosophies, where we were going from a purely PG product and giving into much more edgy and the Attitude Era was still a couple  years away. But I was kinda the last of the over-the-top characters we had...Frankly, I never got into the character I always make the pun that I couldn't sink my teeth into it. {laughs} It wasn’t me, and I couldn’t make it work plus I was still pretty green at that point, I was still trying to figure out my way around through this whole thing. And here I was in WWE… and I am in the ring with these guys that I’ve watched on TV...you know, ‘ Oh gosh what am I supposed to do?’ And you can’t have that attitude I mean you have to have the attitude of ‘I belong here’ and I didn’t have it at that point. It was certainly not my favorite character but now they've made a wrestling action figure out of it so I have to like it. {laughs}

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