Kane: My Rivalry With The Undertaker Could Still Work Today, We'd Have To Talk Smack On Twitter

Kane goes into depth about his story with The Undertaker and if it could work in today's wrestling climate.

Throughout the history of the business, professional wrestling has probably changed more than any other sport. Just in recent years, wrestling companies have tried to integrate modern technology into the way a show or match is presented. Promotions are also telling stories in a much different way than they have in the past.

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One of the most historic rivalries in the history of the sport is the story between The Undertaker and Kane. Throughout their history together, the two storyline brothers have faced each other on 17 different occasions in a singles capacity.

In a new interview with WrestleRant, Kane discussed if his story with The Undertaker would work in today's wrestling climate.

“It could still work. It would have to be done differently because Kane would have to talk smack to The Undertaker on Twitter, which would be very strange [laughs], but nevertheless it could because it’s a timeless story, and ultimately the story is about two brothers who get along some times and don’t get along some times. The rest is really just bells and whistles. The story was amazing because I think it was mythological storytelling, and you had these characters and they had those stories behind them. Most characters in WWE are that person, or a part of that person, a personality trait, in many cases turned up to an 11. Kane and Undertaker were true characters. They were not just dudes that were, ‘This is me, but I turn my personality up on TV.’ They were different characters then Mark Callaway and Glen Jacobs are in real life. Ultimately I think that was what attracted people to it because everybody can relate to a sibling rivalry, and this was a sibling rivalry just done on an epic scale."

Although the two haven't wrestled each other since 2010, they have teamed together as The Brothers Of Destruction on three separate occasions since then, with the most recent instance coming at the Crown Jewel premium live event in 2018.

In a separate recent interview with PWMania, Kane noted that he wasn't going to rule out the possibility of a return to the ring. To learn more, click here.

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