Kane's Mom Created The Christmas Creature Outfit

Kane says everyone wants to bring up the Christmas Creature.

In 1992, Kane worked for the United States Wrestling Association under more than one character. In an interview with Jerry Lawler on Dinner with the King, Lawler brought up his son Kevin Lawler wanting to create new characters and become like Vince McMahon. One of Kevin Lawler's ideas was the Christmas Creature which Kane played in a few matches. In the interview, Kane told the story of getting the call from Jerry Lawler's son.

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"One of the first times I was down in Memphis for TV, me and another guy were the Russian Olympic Champions or something like that and that's how Kevin met me. He calls me later and this is in December, he's got this idea for an evil Christmas character the "Christmas Creature,'" said Kane. "I've had these gimmicks, we've all had them throughout the years but for some reason everyone wants to talk about my old gimmicks," he continued. 

Later in the interview, Kane revealed his mother made the costume from a design by Kevin Lawler. Kane said the suit had lights hooked up to a battery pack in it. 

The full episode of Dinner with The King with Kane is available at PodAvenue.com.

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