Kazeem Famuyide Recalls Segment With AOP That Got Him Called Into Gorilla By Vince McMahon

The tale of working with Vince McMahon told by Kazeem Famuyide.

There are many stories out there in the wrestling world from those who have worked alongside WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and another story was added to that collection when former WWE creative writer Kazeem Famuyide joined the 'Wrassle Rap' podcast last month. Kazeem talked about a plethora of topics during the sit-down interview and reflected on some of his favorite moments throughout his nine months in WWE. 

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Kazeem talked about the positives and shared some of the negatives as well. He talked about learning under Vince McMahon and how McMahon appreciates those who takes what he teaches them and grows from it and it shows that growth in their work whether that'd be wrestlers, writers, agents etc. During the podcast, Kazeem recalled a having a one-on-one with Vince McMahon because of a segment that went slightly wrong involving the former RAW Tag Team Champions The Authors Of Pain. He said that Vince called him into Gorilla and had a genuine and calm conversation about what he didn't like about the segment.

“But working with Vince is awesome man. You hear all these horror stories about him, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Vince. A good job from Vince is him not calling you to Gorilla and telling you that you fuc*ed up. That was his version of a good job.” He continued, “I got it one time. It’s funny looking back at it now. But, the phrase over there is, when it comes to Vince, no news is good news. If he doesn’t say anything to you, you did a good job. If he calls you over to give you props, you did a phenomenal job. Like you had a sixty point game which is rare. That also happened to me one time. The one time I got called into Gorilla by Vince, I was still very new, again, and I was doing a backstage segment with Authors Of Pain, AOP. I didn’t know that the extras weren’t supposed to bump backstage right? And I had Fit [Finlay], and he was the producer for that, and the Authors Of Pain are supposed to be walking backstage, see some janitor guy and just give him a little shoulder shrug like, ‘F*ck out the way’ type of thing while they keep it moving towards the ring. So what ends up happening is, AOP is walking, sees the guy, fuc*ing chucks him into the fence. Brooms fall, all that sh*t just [falls]. I’m thinking this is awesome like yeah, Authors Of Pain, these are some bad motherf*ckers. Hell yeah. Couple minutes later I got my walkie talkie, ‘Kaz to Gorilla, Kaz to Gorilla’. I’m like f*ck." He said. "So Vince was totally cool about it. He sat me down and he was like, ‘Why am I calling you in? Who’s the producer on that? [I go] I think it was Fit. [He goes], ‘I told you to go easy on the extra.’ I was like, ‘My fault Vince’ and the cardinal sin is excuses. The one thing you do when Vince calls you in, you say, ‘I f*cked up’ and you just listen, because when Vince gets to be under the learning tree and bestow wisdom and knowledge upon you, that’s when he’s the best version of Vince. When’s he’s poppa Vince. When he takes off the headset and he’s like, ‘Listen, you gotta do this’ etc. and the first couple of times, he enjoys doing that because if he does that, and he sees you’ve implemented that learning to him, he takes a liking to you and he’s like, ‘Okay, he learns fast. He listens. He retains the knowledge’ but it’s when you keep fuc*ing up is when you’ll get kicked in the caboose. Yeah, that was the one time I got called into Gorilla by Vince because some f*cking extra got ramrodded into a fence.”


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