Kazuchika Okada Wants A Pro Wrestling All-Star Event That Beats The 2020 Olympics

Kazuchika Okada wants the wrestling world to unite to combat the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

In an effort to prove pro wrestling is superior to amateur wrestling, former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada wants organizations to come together for an all-star event. 

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Speaking to NJPW, Okada said, "With Tokyo 2020 coming, I’d love to have a huge pro-wrestling event, one that beats out the Olympics. Involve the best from all sorts of organizations, show that the power of pro wrestling is far greater than amateur wrestling at the Olympics. That would be pretty cool. That’s the sort of thing I might be able to turn my attentions to if I’m not champion. That would be a cool thing to do."

When asked if the event would include other companies and not just NJPW, Okada replied, "Right. I think we need to light a fire in the pro wrestling world in general. NJPW still has incredible possibilities and will keep tearing it up. Now, I’m in a position where I can help grow the power of all of professional wrestling. Why not have an all-star card? When I was the champion it was my duty to be thinking solely about the championship and representing and growing New Japan, but now… It is an Olympic year after all. It would be a shame if we got to the end of the year and all people remember was the Olympics. 

"I’d love for fans to say ‘don’t forget, there was the Pro Wrestling All-Star card as well!’. I think that’d be cool. There are a lot of people in an awards ceremony like this from across the industry, the same age as me or younger. We can use all their power and ability to make all of pro-wrestling bigger. That’d be awesome."

With the Olympics taking place in Tokyo this year, NJPW pushed back the start of its annual G1 Climax event. The tournament typically begins in the summer with the finals taking place in August. But this year, the event will run in the fall with the finals held in October. 

When asked who he would like to face from other promotions, Okada said, "I haven’t faced any of the champions from other promotions. Who is there? I wrestled Ibushi when he was in a different company, (Naomichi) Marufuji from NOAH, Suwama from All Japan, Shuji Kondo from WRESTLE-1…I’d really like to face the younger guys from other promotions. People like Kento Miyahara from All Japan, or Kaito Kiyomiya from NOAH. That would be great if we could pull it off. It’d be great if we could create something that blows the Olympics out of the water when it comes to the fans’ reception."

Okada was recently named 2019 Tokyo Sports MVP and he will carry the Olympic Torch in April

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