Keith Lee Details The 'Dragon Ball Z' Influence Behind His Finishing Move 'The Big Bang Catastrophe'

Keith Lee talks all things Big Bang Catastrophe.

With a man who has the presence of former NXT Champion, Keith "Bearcat" Lee, the move he chooses to make his finisher is of utmost importance.

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Having already had pay-per-view showdowns with Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and a Royal Rumble encounter with Brock Lesnar, Keith is destined for Limitless greatness and his finishing maneuver is potentially going to be utilized in the main event of many WWE pay-per-views.

Keith Lee’s finishing move is The Big Bang Catastrophe. A cross between an Attitude Adjustment and The Jackhammer, Keith has used this move to great success including capturing his NXT Championship victory over Adam Cole at the Great American Bash 2020 by using the move.

Speaking about the move on the latest episode of the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, Keith Lee explains why his old rival, Dominik Dijakovic, now known as T-BAR, is his favorite person to hit the move on.

He began, “Dijak [Dominik Dijakovic]. I guess people know him now as T-BAR. He is one of my all-time favorite opponents because not only does he forcefully bring out the monster that is ‘Bearcat,’ but he brings him out in-match fairly quickly because of how hard he hits. We are just reckless together. I feel like we bring out both the best and the worst in each other. We have just absurd matches that shouldn't exist by the standard of 'the big man.' By the same token, we also need to recover for two or three weeks after fighting. He's one of my favorite talents, period. He's ridiculous and I respect him so much for the things he can do in the ring, the person that he is, the father, I love the guy.”

Furthermore, Keith opened up about the anime inspirations behind the names of his moves, revealing that Dragon Ball Z is the inspiration for both his signature, the Spirit Bomb, and the name of his finisher, naming it after the final attack performed by Vegeta.

“I hope Chris Seven watches this. He made a video, and I posted it to my Instagram, where he's making fun of me because I have gear that is inspired by Broly and I use the Spirit Bomb, but what he doesn't understand is that I respect Vegeta so much that the Big Bang Catastrophe was inspired by the Big Bang Attack. I just didn't want to use attack because, respect for him, I wanted to change the word [attack] and catastrophe sounds worse. I wanted to sound cooler. It was a respect move. Vegeta was someone who drew me into the anime world and so my mega finisher is inspired by the Big Bang Attack.”

Lastly, Keith Lee would say that the aforementioned NXT Championship victory over Adam Cole was his favorite Big Bang Catastrophe ever.

“Adam Cole. Great American Bash, NXT, in our Winner Takes All Match. Not only do I think Mr. Cole is a brilliant talent and super capable in the ring, just really good, but that match was kind of that crowning achievement and the thing that shows, 'Yeah, I have what it takes to be the one.' That match solidified that. Hitting it on him and becoming the double champ was easily the most impactful moment that I've had in my career thus far. That was a very special night.”

Keith Lee, now called “Bearcat”, is now trying to make a big bang on Monday Night Raw. Elsewhere in this interview, he spoke about Vince McMahon being hands-on with his new character. Learn more here.

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