Keith Mitchell Says Fritz Von Erich 'Bitched' At Him For Not Taking A WWE Job

Keith Mitchell recalls meeting Vince McMahon during the territory days of wrestling.

Everybody always comes to work for WWE. At least, that is the perception of most fans through the years. For the most part, anyone that you think of has at least had a tryout with Vince McMahon. One name that never went to work for WWE was Keith Mitchell.

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A top-level producer in WCW, TNA, and most recently, AEW, Keith helped produce most mainstream opposition promotions that ever ran against Vince McMahon. However, that doesn't mean he didn't meet with events about a potential job.

Speaking with Chris Jericho on the most recent Talk is Jericho podcast, Mitchell recalls Fritz Von Erich, the owner of the WCCW territory, being frustrated with him for not taking a job with Vince McMahon.

"Oh Yeah, multiple times. Yeah," said Keith when asked about talking to Vince McMahon. "When I was at WCCW. Fritz [Von Erich] bitched at me, because I didn't take the job because he said that, you know, Vince — several things, you know, the perceived attitude of the territory, whether or not that's true, I hear different stories from different people. Moving to Connecticut from Texas. My wife and I went up in February, which, you know, is not a good time to bring somebody and if you're trying to get them to move gently, you know, bring them in. In February, maybe, March or April or something.

Climate was also a big issue for Keith Mitchell when considering a move up north. He simply did not want to move to unfamiliar territory with an unfavorable climate for a more expensive cost of living. That being said, he did say he met with Linda McMahon and thought that she was as sweet as could be.

"It was cold and to get the house that I had in Texas, an acre of land in a nice house, it was like, you know, five times what — I couldn't have afforded the house that I was living in, why would I move all the way across the country to live a miserable climate right next to New York City, and live in a house a third of the size of the one I'm living in now?! But I met with Linda, and she was sweet as she could be. She was like, just a very, very nice person."

Keith Mitchell recently retired from producing professional wrestling but create a lifetime of memories through the years and was responsible for creating some of the most memorable moments outside of the walls of WWE.

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