Kellyanne Says She Has Wrestled Her Last Match

Kellyanne joined Ring of Honor's women's division in February 2020.

Due to the global pandemic, her time with the promotion was mostly spent via blogs on the Ring of Honor website.

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Now, in a lengthy post released via social media, Kellyanne has revealed that she is stepping away from wrestling on a full-time basis, citing issues with the Australian wrestling scene and the behavior of some of the performers.

Kellyanne says she is comfortable with her last match but does end the message by saying that she will still be around, but on her own terms.

From Kellyanne on Twitter:

Is my dream destroyed? No. Am I going to continue performing? No. Am I going to continue to be friends with people that take pleasure in the downfall of others? No. Am I going to continue putting my body at risk in the ring with untrained people? No. Am I going to continue to feel under appreciated by those that employ me? No. Am I ok? Yes.

All I ever wanted to do was entertain, if I got signed along the way, that's great. However, I would never let that goal of being "signed" interfere with my growth as a person outside of wrestling. Although Ring of Honor did not work out; I have been able to learn about who I am, what I stand for and what I don't. I cannot stand Australian wrestling anymore. I feel Australian Wrestling is heading down a dangerous road which involves regulating bodies, companies starting up out of spite, identity politics and instead of offering an escape from the real world, we are now forcing our own political and social views onto others. I cannot exist whilst this goes on, it goes against everything I am, and I will no longer stand for it.

So here it is. I'm done. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the man who created the era that made me fall in love with wrestling, Vince Russo. It was the first time I have spoken candidly about wrestling, what happened with Ring of Honor, my personal life and where I am heading.

I'm free! I wish I could sincerely thank you all but that wouldn't be sincere, would it? Those of you that I cherish know who you are.

Observing the behavior of some of you online is both hilarious and disappointing. If any of you spent as much time on your in-ring character work as you did on your "personal" social media accounts, being outraged and spreading hate; wrestling wouldn't be in the absolute bowels of the shittiest era of its history. Just my opinion. Arrest me.

It has taken every bit of my willpower to not "out" every single "amazing person" female and male, that has contradicted themselves throughout the past two years since speaking out. Do not thank me for that. I have known you all for 13 years. I know your pasts and your pre-woke lives. I have dealt with older men manipulating me from the get go, promoters using my personal life against me, workers purposely hurting me in the ring, people sending photos of me around, disgraceful rumors, money being stolen, match fees being significantly less than the males despite being the best talent etc..

This is depressing.

Story time: A few years ago, a worker named 'Adrenaline' stuck his tongue down my throat mid match without planning it. I was in a relationship at the time and felt incredibly uncomfortable and disrespected.

I confronted him backstage and was laughed at, so I took it to the net like any other 23 year old would do. What was the response from my peers? Only to have people discredit my claim, lie and say that I planned it, be cornered in a bathroom backstage while being yelled at for "trying to ruin a show just to bolster my online attention" - you get it, it was fucked.

To see this man not be questioned and instead protected by workers and management made me sick. I wanted him to understand what he did was not cool. You see, I didn't need a trending hashtag to know that this is wrong, so I put it out there, in hopes that 'Adrenaline' would be forced to admit that it was not planned and would hopefully apologise. All I wanted was an apology but none of you really did anything about it, did you? No. There was nothing in it for anyone. No clout. Should have waited a few years, when it was trendy to give a fuck.

If you don't understand what I am trying to get across with this story, let me make it very clear. I think you are a bunch of boutique activists. Only speaking up when you have the majority and there is something to gain. They say wrestling doesn't owe you anything, therefore, it does not owe me a long and drawn-out retirement.

My last match was with Delta and I couldn't be happier about that. She gets it more than most and has only been here a minute.

I want to especially thank Jessica Hilton for creating memories in the ring together that I will remember for the rest of my life. We pushed each other every single time.

I want to thank Lance Storm for helping me hone my craft, without your knowledge I never would have been able to tell the stories I did.

I want to thank my Mum. Not just for allowing your youngest daughter to get into this crazy sport but for believing in everything I have done or said I was going to do.

I want to thank Alan. Had I not met him, I don't think I would have the courage to say and do the things I do today.

Lastly, to my true fans that understood what I was trying to do here and around the world, thank you.

I'll still be around but on my own terms.

Ring of Honor is also taking a hiatus beginning in the first quarter of 2022. Learn more here.

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