Kenny Omega Confirms Create-A-Wrestler Mode For AEW Game, Discusses Simulation vs. Arcade Style

Kenny Omega has provided more details on the upcoming AEW video game.

First, there is no release date for the game. Omega said it could be 2021 or it could be 2022. He will let fans know when he knows.

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The rest of AEW Games 2.Show served as a question and answer with Kip Sabian. Omega answered the following questions, providing some extra insight into the game.

Will There Be Create-A-Wrestler?

"Absolutely. One of those favorite modes, aside from people wanting to take the role of their favorite wrestler, people want to create their own wrestler. Sometimes they want to create something whacky or something that looks like themselves or a wrestler in another promotion. We're going to give you the opportunity to do that because we understand it's one of the most fun parts of these games. We're going to make sure it's robust and a lot of options and maneuvers to add to your character. We've placed that as a high priority."

Will There Be Online Gameplay?

"There will be online competitive play. You'll be able to play with your friends, against your friends, all sorts of options. We're exploring ways to possibly incorporate cross-play function. Of course, online play will be in, all match types and specific functions that will be exclusive to online. We're exploring a lot of new creative and innovative things to do when online. These are ideas we're working with, nothing is 100% certain or solid."

Will The Game Lean More Towards Simulation Or Arcade?

"Taking a look at complete simulation-based wrestling, the first thing that pops into my mind is Fire Pro. That has a huge fanbase. However, a lot of people find that if you ramp up the simulation too high, it eliminates some of the fun for people who want to get in and mix it up with your buddies and feel the speed and fun that older games provide. Will it be a full simulation? No, but do I want players to feel like you're controlling the character when doing the moves? Yes. Speed in terms of arcade play, but moves will feel like you're in the ring.

"It's going to be a speedier version of very realistic wrestling. I really want people to feel what wrestling is going to be like in the year 2020. A lot of moves that we do now, you couldn't add them to your create-a-character back then. You'll be able to play the ropes like Fenix, do different variations of the Canadian Destroyer, all different strike combinations."

You can watch the entire AEW Game 2.Show in the video above.

Fightful will continue to update fans on the AEW Game as more information is known.

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