Kenny Omega Defeats Demetrious Johnson In Street Fighter 6 Showdown

Kenny Omega and Demetrious Johnson settled the score in Street Fighter 6, playing for charity in a pro wrestling vs. MMA showdown.

Omega used Manon while DJ used Guile.

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With an even playing field, Omega took round one, defeating Johnson 5-1.

As per the rules of Pit Crew, upgrades were made to the loser and downgrades were made to the loser. For round two, Omega had to play on a lower FPS and a giant GameCube remote while DJ got an upgraded PC with a faster FPS.

With the downgrades to Kenny and upgrades to DJ, the second round was not competitive as DJ dominated Omega, sweeping him 5-0.

Since Omega lost round two, he got an upgrade going into round three while DJ was downgraded. DJ had to play with a Guitar Hero guitar controller while Omega got his regular controller back. Omega still had to play on a lower FPS.

Not all rounds were not traditional Street Fighter "damage" rounds as modes varied from knockdown mode to bingo mode to random mode.

Omega went up 3-0 in round three and decided he wanted to even playing field back to how it was in round one. The upgrades and downgrades were removed and both men played with the same hardware.

With things equal in the final round, Omega won 2-1 with the final match coming down to the final round.

DJ was playing for the Children's Hospital while Omega was playing for Hulls Haven.

Fans can watch the full stream by clicking here.

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