Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman Are Glad Bullet Club Keep "Too Sweet" Alive

Two members of The Kliq have weighed in on the “Too Sweet” hand gesture controversy involving The Young Bucks and WWE.

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Last month, WWE hit The Young Bucks with a cease and desist over the Bucks and other members of the Bullet Club using the “Too Sweet” hand gesture made popular in the 90’s by The Kliq.

Kevin Nash was a guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1, 2, 360 podcast and two Kliq members discussed the Bucks using the hand gesture and WWE’s response.

Nash: If they want to call it “too sweet,” that’s fine. To me, it’s like, really? I’m sure somebody threw the “peace” sign up for the first time. What are you gonna get intellectual rights on that?

Waltman: I honestly don’t think they would have heard anything about it if they didn’t do their little invasion thing. I thought that was great.

Nash: It keeps us alive.

Waltman: That’s what I said last week. People need to try and look at it from the other point of view. Now there’s a whole, new generation, of young people that know about us. At least, (the Bucks fanbase) that might not have known about us. They made it fresh again. I kind of dig that.

Nash: If you’re a member of The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam wants to cover Satisfaction, I don’t think I got a problem with it. It’d be one thing if the guys were jabrones. But these are the young, talented guys that are basically emulating the thing that you did.

There you have it. Nash and Waltman have no issue with the Bucks and company using the hand gesture. They even praised the duo for their work and essentially thanked them for keeping their name alive.

However, the cease and desist forced the Bucks to come up with a new gesture, which they debuted this past weekend at Global Wars. The gesture is now “One Sweet” as it involves dropping the pinky from the original “Two Sweet.”

The Bucks may have made enemies within WWE, but they have the approval of two founding members of The Kliq.

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