Kevin Nash Books NWO Invading WWE; Plans Include Screwing Cody Rhodes, Adding Charlotte And LA Knight

Kevin Nash has become even more famous over the years for his booking escapades in shoot interviews.

Alongside Sean Oliver, Nash's shoot interviews and Guest Booker series has been some of the most re-watched clips and videos in the shooter interview era.

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Nash and Oliver have been doing Kliq This for over a year, and Nash has done some booking and re-booking throughout the series.

On the latest episode of Kliq This, Nash was asked how he would book a prime New World Order invasion on WWE. Keep in mind, Nash is booking the 1996 versions of himself, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan in today's WWE.

Nash began by saying they would start in NXT.

"The best thing you could do is attack NXT first. Attack NXT, up and coming guys, beat the dog shit out of them, and then go....I'll tell you the easiest way to do it. Bring us in at WrestleMania and have Cody [Cody Rhodes] finally has Roman [Roman Reigns] beat, and (we) come down and pull the rug out. At that point, you want the same degree of heat, if you don't fucking pay the Cody run off by then. If I had to book, let us fuck Cody at WrestleMania," he said.

Nash then agrees with Oliver that they takeover the show and change the logo, similar to the NWO takeover of WCW Nitro.

"So, what do they do? Do they send their A Team down to squash us? We keep them over the top. The fact that we would come down and attack Shawn Michaels' promotion and beat the fuck out of Shawn would be huge," he said.

Nash said they could work NXT for several months.

"We get Steiner's kid [Bron Breakker]. At that point, we might have Syxx. Waltman [Sean Waltman] would be with us at the initial. There would be four instead of three. We get a couple of studs (from NXT). We'd have to get a girl. Charlotte has kind of gotten pushed out of the way. We get Charlotte. She jumps, she's old school," he said.

Nash noted that Michaels could bring back some older guys like Undertaker, and they could get heat on him. Eventually, the NWO would start appearing on WWE PLEs, sitting in the front row after buying tickets because they wouldn't be allowed into the arena. They first time they jump the rail would be WrestleMania to screw over Cody.

Asked if WWE could show restraint in not having the NWO invading WWE sooner, Nash replied, "Paul would do it. How much more restraint do you need to not put the belt on Cody than they have? Let alone, there he is, coming out of the water Rambo style for WarGames. He's still featured and focused. The Monday night after you beatdown Cody, you walk out, Hulk grabs the mic, 'So, what do you guys want to talk about?'"

When asked who they could possibly add to the group, Nash commented, laughing, "LA Knight would be a good selection. It was a plant all along. He was the sleeper cell. Somebody has to take the bumps."

Nash has made comments about LA Knight in the past on his podcast.

As of now, there are no plans for Kevin Nash to invade NXT.

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