Kevin Nash Says He Wanted To Be WWF's First Anti-Hero

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash spoke to the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast for a recent interview. You can check out submitted highlights, courtesy of the Two Man Power Trip below, and the full podcast at this link.

Being the WWE’s first anti-hero:

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"I was trying to do it forever. If you look at when I lost to Bret, I made sure that when I said "m'fer" that they got that and at Royal Rumble when I went down and interfered with Taker and Bret I flipped Undertaker off and I know for a fact that I am the first person to flip somebody off like that on TV. They were both pay per views but it was something that was one of those things like how I always dragged the belt."


"At that time the movie HEAT was popular and at the end I was talking to Vince and we had just had a conversation like a year earlier and we were all in a room with The Kliq guys and we said wouldn't you rather have 15,000 people and have 7,500 for the baby-face and 7,500 for the heel? The anti-hero is the way to go."


Lasting impact of The Kliq on wrestling:

"It's one of those things where you get that status of at the beginning of The Kliq DVD and they talk to Shawn and Shawn says that a lot of people disliked us and a lot of people did this and that but after all these years they are still talking about us and still talking about what we did so obviously a lot of the things we did were spot on."

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