Kevin Owens’ List of Goals Left To Accomplish In WWE Includes Winning The Tag Titles With Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens talks about what is next for him in WWE.

After 7 years in WWE, Kevin Owens has decided to re-sign with the promotion amid rumors that he would be leaving WWE when his contract expired in early 2022.

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Speaking on les Anti-Pods de la Lutte, TVA Sports’ wrestling podcast, hosted by Pat Laprade and Kevin Raphael, Kevin Owens talks about what he does to stay relevant after seven years in WWE.

Pat Laprade sent along the following quote.

"I always try to give to the show what I’m being asked to give. I try to give them what they want, in a way that fans will appreciate it and will be able to say that even if they watched one of my matches and thought that it should have not finished the way it did, that they thought it was a good match anyway. That’s what I want. I want to give good matches. So that’s how I’m able to always have an important role to play on the show."

Continuing on, Kevin Owens would talk about what is next for him in WWE. Kevin still wants to work with names like Rey Mysterio and Edge and he is also hoping he will one day capture the WWE Tag Team Championship with Sami Zayn.

"Of course, I’d like to become WWE Champion, I’d like to win the tag team titles with Sami. I mean, Sami and I winning the tag belts, that must be written in the stars. I don’t see how it couldn’t happen if we are both with WWE. But it’s been six years now, and it had not happened yet, so I guess it might not be happening. I also came to realize one thing in recent months, is that a lot of my satisfaction working there does not come from wrestling, but more from watching others wrestle, and seeing them having a lot of success, and sometimes being able to help them. Like when someone asks me for advice, I give it to them, they try it and it actually works, or when I can bring help to someone else, and it works, to see them having success brings me a lot of satisfaction.

"So in the next few years, what I’d like is to have an important role on the show, and be able to work with Edge and Rey Mysterio, with whom I’d really like to work one day, but one of the goals I want to give myself, is to help anyone who wants my help, because I have a huge sense of accomplishment when I see other people working hard and who deserve to be recognized for their passion or their talent, to see it happening. I think it’s really cool. So I could see myself working as an agent one day because I already have those feelings of accomplishment even if I’m still active. That said, I don’t see myself hanging my boots any time soon, but just to know that it could be a possibility one day, it’s good to know and comforting."

Kevin Owens is currently on the Monday Night Raw brand with Edge and Rey Mysterio and will challenge for the WWE Championship on January 1 at WWE Day 1, 2022.

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