Kevin Sullivan Says ROH's SuperCard Of Honor Didn't Draw Because Fans Were There To See WrestleMania

Former WCW booker and legendary wrestler "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for a recent interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link

His issues with the way ROH is run:
"Sin Clair owns 171 stations. They own the biggest station in Seattle and I get the Seattle TV because I'm in the islands. They're on Channel 5 which, like I said, is the biggest in the market. Ring of Honor is not on Seattle TV. In other markets, they may be on a Thursday, a Friday, or a Saturday. There is no continuity. You know what I mean? There's no, "At 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, watch Ring of Honor!" It is all spread out! Now, here's the kicker. Do you realize those guys booking for ROH have no idea what the ratings are? They're not allowed to see them. So, if you and I shoot an angle on segment 2, I can't tell you if that angle got over or not. These people are booking with their hands tied and blind-folded. How can you progress not knowing if you're succeeding or not? I look at this (booking) like it is a war. If I send out a thousand troops against the Mongols and I don't know if we won or lost, how do I decide how many more troops to send out? James, you do realize Sin Clair is one of the most conservative networks in the country, right? Were you aware of all the talking heads on local news repeating the same bulletin given to them? The main thing with SIn Clair is politics. Wrestling is not a fly on an elephant's ass - It is a nat on the fly on the elephant's ass! I don't know how you can expect these guys doing the writing to know if they are succeeding or not. That tells me they, Sin Clair, really don't care. They just need to fill an hour segment or a 2 hour segment."

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ROH drawing their biggest house for Supercard of Honor:
"You can't say, "They drew 6,000 people!" 100,000 people came in for their vacations from Japan, Australia, Ireland... Wha tare they going to do if they're wrestling fans? Of course you're going to go to the show! They haven't drawn! Are you kidding me? What else would a wrestling fan do?"

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