Kevin Sullivan: There Was Only One Leonardo Da Vinci, And Only One "Loose Cannon"

Former WCW booker and legendary wrestler "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for a recent interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link

He legacy of the Fantastics:
"They were the most underrated and under-appreciated tag teams of all time. Look at who they worked with. The Midnight Express, the Road Warriors, I think they had a thing with the Fabulous Ones. They were really a great team. And, not disparaging anyone, especially someone that has passed on, but Bobby (Fulton) was the camptain of the team."

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His work with Brian Pillman in WCW and the creation of the "Loose Cannon" Character:
"We lost not only a great talent. We lost a guy that would have been the greatest booker of all time. He gave Terry Funk and I an idea one time to where Terry and I looked at each other and said, "WOW! This kid thinks outside the box!" Do you remember when the Bengals were in the Super Bowl? That was when (Edward) Debartolo sent the two hookers up to the hotel room of one of the receivers and he was smoking crack in the hotel room when they knocked the door down. Well, Brian could get on the side lines. He told us he was going to wait until the ball was near one of the goal posts, he was going to take his clothes off while running, bringing chains, and padlock himself naked to the post. Tell me that would not have went all over the world! Everybody would have known who he was. And, I'm sorry. I don't mean to demean anybody but when they say "Loose Cannon", there is only one "Loose Cannon" and don't demean yourself by trying to copy something. Hey, there was only one Leonardo Da Vinci. Don't try to be another "Loose Cannon."


His take of the home invasion between Pillman and Steve Austin:
"Everybody says about that gun incident, "That went too far," right? Well, aren't we still talking about it? (laughs) When you talk about reat feuds in wrestling, whether it be the (Bruiser) Brody and (Stan) Hansen versus The Shiek and Abdullah (The Butcher) or Dusty (Rhodes)versus Terry (Funk). We wouldn't even bring those up if Brian had lived until he retired because the only feud that we would have talked about was Austin and Pillman. That is how good Brian Pillman was!"

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