Kings Of Leon Bass Player Insults Wrestling Fans, Immediately Regrets It

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So who remembers Kings of Leon? They had that song "Sex On Fire" like nine years ago? Remember that?

Watch the video above if the late '00s were a blur for you.

Ah, good times. 2008. Remember how young we all were?

Anyway, the bass player for Kings of Leon Tweeted an unprovoked shot at fans of professional wrestling last night.

Dude. Not cool.

Not cool, dude.

Apparently, a lot of people agreed with my "not cool" sentiment, because while the Sex may not be On Fire anymore for ol' Jared, his mentions were set ABLAZE.

And that's just a few of them.

Jared saw these responses and responded himself:

This wasn't good enough for those first responders and they kept coming back at him:

And there were even a few (dozen) that didn't have a Kevin Owens gif.

So Jared Tweeted out a series of (too little, too late) apologies:

This Tweet seems to sum up the general response to that last one:

But the last word on the whole thing should belong to indie wrestling star Joey Ryan:

All in all, the moral of the story seems to be this:

Only wrestling fans can make fun of wrestling.

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