KM Discusses Filming "The Wrestler," Creating The KM Character

Wrestling Epicenter recently interviewed Impact Wrestling's KM. You can hear the interview above, check out the full transcript at this link, and see highlights below.

Appearing on the CBS Sitcom Kevin Can Wait:

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"I was just trying to, I don't know, dip my feet into some puddles outside of wrestling. I've been in it (wrestling) for 18 years now. I'm by far the biggest star that Impact has - We're both in agreement with that one. I'm undefeated. I'm the un-crowned champion. Ever since I came aboard of Impact Wrestling this past March, TV ratings have been through the roof. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that my phone has been ringing off the hook over the past couple of months. Kevin James... I don't know, maybe the ratings have been struggling on CBS over the past couple of months. Kevin James is not as big of a star as KM. They needed a little star power on the show. "We see what you're doing over at Impact Wrestling. We see you're bringing the ratings through the roof. We need help, KM!" So, I got on the next plane. The rest is history. That is exactly how that (Kevin Can Wait) happened."


His experience during the filming of The Wrestler:

"Well, here's how that came about. Mickey Rourke's career was kind of hanging in the balance. He wasn't really going anywhere. He was kind of in a stand-still. Mickey Rourke called me up one day. Mickie Rourke said, "Hey, I'm doing this movie and I don't think it is going to do too well. I do not have the star power on my own to make this a hit. I need you on board. I need you to make this a hit." I'm good buddies with Mickey Rourke so I said "Yeah, I'll help you out." I came on board. Yeah, don't worry. I was in it. I'm in the credits and everything. I was in it. You probably fell asleep. I was featured for probably about 45 minutes straight. The movie ended up winning lots of awards. I have a whole bunch sitting on top of my TV. That's exactly how that happened."


If this run with Impact Wrestling is his long awaited big break

"This is Impact's big break! (laughs) If I could be serious for a moment, to throw out an old Lance Storm quote there, my big break? Yes, at the moment. I'd be better off answering that question when we see how it all plays out down the line. I could catapult and become a bigger superstar than I already am. But, at this moment, yeah! I've never really had real deal TV exposure with a major wrestling company. Stuff here and there. As far as a featured run or whatever you want to call it, this would be an opportunity. This is a good opportunity. Lets see how this all plays out. SO far, so good!"


The advent of the KM Character: 

"I make everybody hate my guts and I get to be me. Most importantly, I get to be me! Fans love to say, "Your gimmick! Your gimmick!" What gimmick? Talk to anyone who has known me for the past 18 years. What gimmick am i doing? I've literally been given the green light to be myself. That's the reason it comes off so naturally! I'm me! I get to be me!"

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