KM Discusses His Long-Time Issues With Bill Demott In DSW

Wrestling Epicenter recently interviewed KM. You can hear the interview above, check out the full transcript at this link, and see highlights below.

Hs well-documented problems with Bill DeMott in Deep South Wrestling:

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"Everything that has happened, that's been said, that's been done over the past 11 years is documented. If anyone wants to know, just google me and Bill's name. I'm in his book, I'm all over his Wikipedia page. Me and him are forever linked to each other. Funny if you think about it. I always say "Don't Call me a Liar" and then I tell everyone to read what I put online and people are like, "Yeah right, that's all you do is lie!" (laughs) Present day, the way it has worked itself out, I don't have any complaints on my end. I don't know that I believe in that "everything happens for a reason" crap that everyone keeps spewing out of their mouth. In 2017, I'm not really holding on to that anger that I did for so long. Case and point, this past weekend, there was a convention in New Jersey, Legends of the Ring convention... Bill was on it and so was I. Of course, my line was wrapped around the block. I mean, the fans were just dying to meet me. They were lined up overnight from 6 O'clock, believe it or not. That was the first time him and I would have seen each other since 2006. We passed each other. I caught him out of the corner of my eye. He didn't say anything. I guess that's how it is now. Again, nothing on my end." He goes on to say, "I was the head of the snake on that one. Good things come to good people. As much of a piece of crap as I am, I'm a pretty all right person. I don't know that I believe in karma. I'm not one to believe in these things. There's so many horrible people that get away with horrible things, karma's not a real thing. But, In this case, I guess it was. It worked itself out the way it did." He wraps with, "He (DeMott) has been through some crazy stuff with the tragedy that happened. I wish nothing but the best for that family."


His relationship with Sienna:

"My blood cousin, she's my first cousin. I wouldn't lie about that. I wouldn't lie about family. I don't know what her last name is. But, she is my blood cousin. I can tell you that. Just like Mickey Rourke and Kevin James called me up... Sienna is 100% my blood cousin!"


Working with Johnny Impact on Velocity in WWE and then on Impact recently:

"You should be asking him that question! (laughs) It's crazy. I hold a victory over him in WWE and I hold a victory over him in Impact. I'm 2 and 0 against Johnny Impact, Morrison, Mundo, Morrson, and Nitro... Whatever the hell his name is. Pretty cool! Not only facing him in both major companies but defeating him..."

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