Kofi Kingston Believes New Day Is The Greatest Faction Of All Time

Kofi Kingston is doubling down on New Day being the greatest faction of all-time.

WWE named New Day as the greatest Tag Team of all-time as part of a recent series on Peacock. The trio, which consists of Big E, Xavier Woods and Kingston beat out The Hardy Boyz, The Hart Foundation, Edge & Christian, and more to earn the honors.

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Speaking to Chris Denker on Into The Danger Zone, Kingston explained why he agreed with the take.

"I feel like you're supposed to be humble, but for me, I'm old and don't really care what anybody thinks," he said. "When I think about the things we have done, just off the top of my head, being able to go toe to toe with The Rock, the greatest speaker in the history of our industry, the greatest trash talker, the most popular man in the world. We were able to go toe to toe. Granted, it was three on one, but it was a real test like, 'Okay, we're pretty good at this.' To be able to host WrestleMania, there are only a handful of active talent on the roster that have been able to do that. There are so many things we have done. To be able to have a food product sold with WWE after a 20 something year drought, and for it to be called Booty-Os. You're selling this, people are eating it and buying it? We've been able to do a lot of things that are groundbreaking. Then our accolades. The longest reigning tag team champions, 11 times.

"I look at all that stuff and, not that you compare yourself to anybody else, but being the group that has never had the desire to turn on each other. A lot of teams get thrown together like myself and Punk, myself and R-Truth, myself and Evan. We just got thrown together. It wasn't our plan to to come together and be a tag. New Day chose to be together. They chose me to be in the group and we formed this bond. We wanted to be together. A lot of people are not put in a situation where they are given the option of being together. That allowed us to start with a different foundation than everybody else. We wanted to be together so why would I turn on my brother? His success is my success. Woods is the King, I'm the King. Big E is WWE Champion, I'm WWE Champion. We have that actual mentality of all for one and one for all. From all of those perspectives, I can't think of another group that embodies most of those things, let alone all of those things like we do. On top of that, WWE.com voted us the greatest tag team/faction of all time. I'll double down on that."

New Day first started teaming together in 2014 and despite some calling for the group to split or turn on each other, they have remained bonded and rooting for each other.

When asked how they've been able to stay together, Kofi responded by saying, "A lot of it is the proof being in the pudding. You see us out there and we do things that nobody else does. We have our finger on the pulse of pop culture and we try to implement what's going on in the world today in our promos and segments. If we're not being utilized, we're still trying to figure out a way to get noticed and steal the show. What's going through my head right now is we would have a basketball hoop made and in the background, we would just do a walk like, 'coming to the ring is Xavier, Big E, and Kofi.' Most people would just be walking, nodding their heads, everyone just does the same thing. We made this basketball hoop to where we would dunk on production assistants and set them up. We knock the papers out of their hands and be like, 'Sorry dude' and when they go to pick them up, we put this basketball hoop near them and then come through and dunk on somebody. When you see that happen in a NBA game or a video clip, everyone goes nuts. You just get dunked on in the middle of the day when you're trying to do your job? Little things like that, we just entertain ourselves and by doing that, we entertain people in a way that nobody else does.

"All three of us enjoy living outside that stereotypical box where if something seems dumb or like it doesn't make sense, we're going to do it. Now you leave the show and you're thinking about that backstage over the course of a three hour show. 'Remember when Kofi dunked on that production assistant.' We try to figure out different ways to connect with people and the office realizes we are able to connect. We're throwing out pancakes. Why? Who knows, but they're loving it. 'Oh I got a pancake and took a bite out of it. It's stale.' No, dude, I can throw it to the top of the rafters because it's stale and an actual frisbee. It's hard, you shouldn't put that in your mouth, but it's a memory and we're able to provide a lot of those memories in a way that other people on the roster haven't been able to. I don't want to say they can't, but we're willing to think outside the box and take a chance and not be afraid to look silly and that way you connect."

New Day has been split over the years in the WWE Draft, but the group continues to celebrate each other on television and social media.

Kofi & Woods picked up a victory over the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos on Friday's WWE SmackDown. If you missed anything from the show, check out Fightful's full report by clicking here.

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