Kofi Kingston Did Not Know If New Day Accomplished Enough To Write A Book

The Book of Booty reflects the New Day's in-ring antics.

Earlier this year, New Day released a new book called The Book of Booty. It is a book for all ages that follows the New Day through their WWE careers so far. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Kofi Kingston said they had thought about a book before being approached by someone else about it.

“We’ve always talked about having a book, detailing our journey, and that’s before the title streak. Then someone came to us and said ‘We want to do a book on you guys,’ and we immediately wondered if we’d accomplished enough to have a book written about us. But the way it came out was amazing," said Kingston.

Even though the book follows the history of New Day, Kingston said it does so in unique way.

“Our book is not your standard wrestling book or your standard documentation of our history. It’s all in there, but we do it in a real fun way. That’s what we do when we’re in the ring, so this book embodies the New Day," said Kingston.

The Book of Booty is currently available at Amazon and other book retailers.

The full interview with Kingston can be found at SI.com.

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