Kofi Kingston: New Day Was Originally Supposed To Be Three Guys Disgruntled With Their Positions

Kofi Kingston discusses the original idea for New Day and whether or not the group will eventually split.

Ahead of this weekend's WWE live event at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Kofi Kingston spoke to local outlet the Argus Leader. During the interview, Kofi revealed an interesting note about the original plan for New Day.

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"Initially Woods and E were talking about getting together and doing some sort of a faction. At that point in my career I was looking for a change, and it seemed like the perfect change. It was going to be three guys who were disgruntled with their positions in the company and wanted better, and that was the truth," revealed Kofi. "Obviously, when we debuted, it ended up being a lot different from that. But we embraced what we were given, and we are what we are now. The evolution process has been amazing. The gimmick was going to be put on us and we knew that regardless of what we were out there talking about, our chemistry would shine through. And here we are today still doing it."

Xavier Woods has detailed the origin story of New Day before, noting that the original plan for the group had been changed prior to their debut, but didn't offer up much detail on the idea. You can read Woods' comments about the formation of the group here.

As with any conversation pertaining to the New Day, Kofi was asked whether or not the group will break up.

"I think stereotypically, when you have groups or tag teams, it’s a matter of time before they’re broken up. But with us, it’s a lot different because I think that we have something that nobody else has or nobody has had for a long time. We’re a three-man group who essentially cover all the bases," said Kofi. "All of us are entertaining, all of us can wrestle very well and all of us can speak very well. To me, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to break us up. We’re at the highest now than we’ve ever been. We’re doing a lot better now as a group than we were as singles."

Kofi continued, "A lot of times when teams break up, it’s to do better as singles competitors than they’re doing as a group. It’s kind of hard to justify that with the things we’re doing right now with our merchandise sales and all the products we’re coming out with, the fanbase that we have, people clambering for pancakes and Booty-O’s and ice cream. We have a unique way of connecting with the crowd, so it doesn’t really make sense to split us up at all, even if we wanted to."

Xavier Woods has constantly said New Day will never break up. The group debuted in July 2014 and have enjoyed success on-screen as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions and off-screen as merchandise movers and endorsement-getters. 

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