Kona Reeves Explains Why He Is "The Finest" In NXT

Kona Reeves' newly-gained confidence is taking him to the next level.

The NXT upstart Kona Reeves was featured on NXT TV throughout the past number of years and normally would be on the losing side of his matches. After nearly two years off of NXT television Kona Reeves emerged onto the scene once again with a number of vignettes promoting his return. But this was not the Kona Reeves of old as the 25-year old made his re-debut on the May 2nd episode of NXT as "The Finest" version of himself.

In an interview with WWE.com Reeves explained why he now introduces and refers to himself as "The Finest" in NXT.

"I insist that I’m “NXT’s Finest” because I know I am the finest in every aspect." Reeves said. "People call themselves the “greatest” or “the best” all the time. That’s okay because they are all alike. I am different than all those basic people. I have the finest hair, finest skin complexion, finest taste in music and finest ethnic background! My life is the finest it has ever been, and it’s only the beginning!"

"The Finest" as mentioned has been a part of NXT since 2014 but is now taking the initiative to carve his own path. Reeves stated that the reason it has taken him this long to separate himself from the rest of the pack is that he realized it was time to give up the "Mr. Nice Guy" attitude.

"The difference is I stopped caring about what people thought of me. I stopped being “Mr. Aloha,” aka “Mr. Nice Guy.” I used to allow myself to get stepped on just because I wanted to make friends. I had to remember why I pursued sports-entertainment in the first place. I want the fame, fortune and glory, and that means I need to make tons of money. In order to make tons of money in this business, you need to win and become the face of the company. With the finest face, it shouldn’t be hard." He said.

In Reeves' two matches thus far on NXT TV since his re-debut, he has wasted no time telling the crowd that he is "The Finest" on the roster. Kona was asked to respond to those who feel as if he is too cocky for someone who just reemerged onto the scene a mere two weeks ago.

"Like I said earlier, I don’t care what people think about me because those people aren’t on my level. I call those people the “common people.” The common people are the ones who are fine working their nine-to-five jobs wishing they could be me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make the money I’m making doing what they love?"

Kona Reeves also discussed his lineage and his training under WWE Hall Of Famer 'Afa'. To read the full interview with NXT's "Finest", click here.

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