Kris Wolf Says Her Heart Telling Her "F--- Everything" Helped Create Her Character

Indie wrestler Kris Wolf was interviewed by Women's Wrestling Weekly. You can see submitted highlights below, and the full podcast above or at this link.

On how she developed the Kris Wolf character:

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I think a lot of it comes from me feeling awkward in “human situations” sometimes, and I feel more like a wolf, you know? I enjoy peeing where I feel like it, sleeping where I feel like, and you know, eating lots of meat. I think in the beginning of my career I was trying to be a “good person,” and I got partnered up with like, uh, Kyoko Kimura, and she’s just like, “No, Kris, you should do what you want!
What does your heart tell you?” And, my heart tells me, “Fuck everything!!!”


On how Kris got started in pro wrestling:

Well, I was, uh, teaching English for a while in the countryside -- got bored, moved to Tokyo, taught English there. [I learned] I guess changing location doesn’t change the fact that teaching English isn’t my thing! So, I started talking to people and through conversation, a Japanese woman was like, “Hey, why don’t you try pro wrestling?” And I was like, “What is that?” And she’s like, “Look up Joshi Puro.” And so I did on YouTube -- saw it, and was like, “This is a job?!?” And I messaged Stardom to figure out how does one become a pro wrestler, and they were like, well, you can train with us, pass the test, and if you pass the test you can become a wrestler. And I basically quit my job, which was foolish, ‘cuz I still needed to eat! And I lived off of savings, and then when those savings started to run out, I was just like, walking four hours across Tokyo to get to practice, and then, taking the train back to “treat myself.” But, you know, it was really intense and I was really obsessed with the idea of debuting. And then I did! And then I wanted to quit ‘cuz it was so hard, and painful in my soul! But, I kept going, and there was like little moments and conversations with people that were just like, “No, you can’t quit! I’m gonna retire and, you have to be there for that ceremony, and um, I’m glad I’m here!”

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